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How to make Dog Boots!

Home Made No-Sew Duct Tape Dog Booties (great pictures. boots look at little stiff, but they seem to work)

Make Your Own Dog Booties Pattern can be downloaded

Thera-Paw Products : For Injured Paws This one is to buy if you are lazy to make your own.

How to make a Whelping Box
Crysta's Whelping Box Excellent site to show you how to build- with real pictures.

Cheap ideas: The best thing is to purchase a small child's wading pool. It makes a wonderful whelping box and they are easy to keep clean. The type you blow up, pups can't get out, mom can get in, she can't squash the pups against a hard side. and mom and dad can keep it very clean. A heating pad on low setting works well because the material (vinyl plastic) isn't so heavy the heat can't get through. /Gary Gabriel

Add a Whelping Box to Your Indoor Doghouse Now this is some serious building!

Whelping Woodhaven Style If this is your first litter, check out these handy hits; photos included.

Whelping Box or Litter Box
How to build a dog whelping box (in hand written instructions!)

How to build a Dog Cart

K9 Cart: usually for handicapped pets. Good instructions.

Dog Cart


Raks the German Shepherd and his Wheelchair

Usin AutoCAD to design this.



How to build a Dog House

Building a Dog House


How to Build a Dog House

Absolutely no excuse to get this one wrong. Amazing diagrams.

Dog House Dimensions for
Dogs of Various Sizes
This is a must before you start to build one.

The Doghouses of Madison County Now this site is worth looking at. Check the slideshow and you see all the very different types of dog houses; ones with springs!!

Constructing the Dog Shade Structure

dog shade


Google Sniff & Fetch
** Search**
Odds & Sods

Make and Build Dog Stuff Lots of FREE how-to information for making all sorts of things for dogs.

How to make a dog shirt

dog shirt

Dog Waste Composter Step-By-Step

Homemade Ramp Looks easy enough to do!

Photo Gallery: Noatak Racing Team Photo Gallery

dog truck

Instructions for building a dog sled

Handy help for blind dogs

Excellent description on how to make it.

blind dog

How to build a trolley run:


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