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Dog Ideas

Dog's Own A dog activity site for anyone who wants to have fun with their dog. Lots of topics are covered including agility, flyball, canicross, dog games and much more. There is also a shop with everything you need for your dog.

Intelligent Diversions & Creative Play Good advice, especially for new owners, on keeping dogs physically and mentally active

Some clubs that do the following:

equipment for agility Biking,
Bubble Catching,
Fetch (a ball, toy or piece of hose) Flyball,
(training tips for flyball)
, Flygility,
Flying Disc/Frisbee,
Go Find!,
Hide 'n' Seek,
Jogging, (watch the bikes!)
Play Dates with other friendly dogs.

 the book's format gives a built-in success formula by allowing owners to teach those tricks best suited to their pet.

The Scent Game: SIGN UP to HER website to see this article

Uuse your dog's nose to play games. In Suzanne Clouthier's site, she describes how to play hide and seek, the Which Hand? game, dropping items for the dog to find, and find it! games (a stick in the woods, or a toy amongst other toys).

 Instead of feeding in a dog food bowl, toss the kibble all over the yard so she has to hunt for every one. Another scent nose game!


Teaching this trick is good for doggy PR because it can give your dog an opportunity to greet people instead of jumping all over them. My dog has started waving on her own when people leave the house. It is so cute! To perform this trick your dog must be able to raise a paw in the air while staying stationery.

1. Start with your dog in a Sit/Stay and move a few steps away from him. Go back every few seconds for a full minute to reward your dog for not following you.( If your dog already knows sit/stay you can eliminate this step)

2. Standing in front of your dog, ask for his paw, and click and treat him for giving it to you. Do this several times in a row.

3. Take a step away from your dog and ask for his paw. Click and treat the slightest effort to raise his paw without trying to move towards you. You may need to reward him for staying for a few repititions before he will remain in position and lift his paw.

4. As your dog raises his paw to place it in your outstretched hand, start fading this cue by removing your hand quickly. Click and treat your dog for swiping the air.

5. Repeat this step until your dog starts raising his paw when he sees your outstretched hand.

6. As your dog starts to offer swiping the air readily without moving forward, you can begin to verbally label this new behaviour Wave.

7. Change the hand signal to an actual wave by changing the position of your hand from an outstretched palm to a waving hand. Offer the new cue (the waving hand) right before the old cue (the outstretched hand). Gradually fade out the old cue until your dog is performing the behaviour when you are waving at him.

8. Add in distractions and practice in new places until the behaviour is reliable.

- Found in the book "The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book" by Gerilyn J. Bielakiewicz (top dog trainer and cofounder of Canine University)
Dog Tricks

Teaching a trick is the least important part of teaching tricks. I teach my dogs everything they need to know via tricks: tricks train them to think, to use their body and mind.

More information on teaching how to 'play frisbee'

Canoeing with your dog


Another version of Chris Bach's eye contact game

Good games and bad games to play with your dog, esp. tug of war

Rally exercises described, with signs

Canine Disc: Converting Prey to Play


Another step-by-step method for trickery!

Life Beyond Block Heeling by Terry Ryan

Make training fun! Games for group use help teach specific techniques, avoid boredom. Build a closer relationship with your dog too!

Musical Chairs: you walk around the chairs and when the music stops you leave the dog in a stay and sit on a chair. If your dog gets up, you have to leave your seat and put it back in a stay.

Useful and simple tricks

Useful and simple tricks The exercises are in five categories: Useful Tricks, Silly Pet Tricks or Tricks Just for Fun, Problem Solving, Nose Wor,k Balance Work.

* Balance & Catch the biscuit,
* Bring The Dirty Clothes,
* Crawl,
* Find The Keys,
* Get The Remote Control,
* Give Me High Five,
* Jump Through A Hoop or Jump Through (Or Into) Your Arms,
* Jump Over Another Dog,
* Open The Door, Paw/Shake,
* Open The Refrigerator & Get A ....,
* Paw Over Eye,
* Pick The Flower,
* Push A Stroller Or Cart,
* Putting Away the dog toys,
* Roll Over,
* Shake Off The Water,
* Sit Up Pretty,
* Take A Bow,
* Stand Up Against The Wall,
* Touch Any Object With Dog's Nose,
* Turn On/Off The Light.
* Look Left/Look Right (like the road safety adds)
* Nodding head (cue to the word "agree" so you can say the strangest sentences, ending with "Don't you agree?", to your dog and it will nod in agreement)
* Nose Ball (pushing a tennis ball around with the nose)
* Where is the treat? (With both hands out get the dog to target hand holding the treat with either nose or foot)
* Hide Eyes (On cue the dog from either a sit or drop covers their eyes with their paw)
* Commando Crawl (Dog shuffles forward while in the drop position)
Thanks Bel for these tricks

Google Sniff & Fetch
Dog Sports

Tramping with your dog... or as they say in Canada, hiking with your dog.
A few things to consider before you and your dog go hiking.

Attention: Want It? Get It! Chris Bach's eye contact game

Bikejoring Skijoring with a bicycle instead of skis.

Kickbike AND Suitable for scootering or bikejoring

Fun facts

People all over the world love to have dogs as pets. The United States and France have the most pet dogs. Almost one in three families in these countries own a dog. What countries have the least amount of pet dogs? Germany and Switzerland only have one dog for every ten families. They need more dogs!

Too mush snow


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