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Hearing Dogs

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in New Zealand Ph: 06 769500

A book about experiences
advice,and facts about canine deafness. Author Susan Cope Becker



Hearing Dogs for Deaf People in the U.K
Charities that train dogs to alert severely and profoundly deaf people to sounds they cannot hear such as the alarm clock, baby cry, smoke alarm and many others.

SPCA Hearing Dog trainer Martha Hoffman, author of the book Lend Me An Ear: The Temperament, Selection,
and Training of the Hearing Dog, has answered the most asked questions about choosing, training, and living with a Hearing Dog.

Tales of Travel with a Hearing Dog: Seattle's Pike Place Market

Blind & Guide Dogs.

Stanley Coren train a blind dog on his TV show, Good Dog. He transferred his hand signals to touch signals. Sit (a sweeping touch up the front of the chest). Down (a downward sweep on the chest). Stand (a sweep across the dogs side) etc. He used scent to discriminate areas (especially at the top of stairways) Also, stomping feet to warn the dog when approaching.

Resource for dogs who are blind

How Guide Dogs Work Introduction to How Guide Dogs Work > What Guide Dogs Do > On the Job and After Hours > etc

seeing dog stampClassroom pooch rests up for guide-dog school. The teacher is trying to socialize Douglas to get him used to people. At her house he can play. At school, he works.

Join Yahoo Groups discussion for people interested in guide and seeing eye dog

Check out the dog mobility aid to use for visionally impaired people.


"Another Look at the 49th Day" This paper suggested that guide dogs had the correct amount of attachment to people to become guide dogs if the average age at Separation from litter mates was not less than seven weeks.

Mushing & Skijoring.

Togo's Final Journey- Togo was musher's Leonhard Seppala's favorite lead dog


For a friend, I got Ski Spot Run: The Enchanting World of Skijoring and Related Dog-Powered Sports by Matt Haakenstad & John Thompson, and then read it myself. It's quite well done, very funny, good illustrations.
There's a little bit about bikejoring and rollerjoring, and even cani-cross, too (which is trail-running with a dog attached to a waist leash, the kind of thing I imagine Ray Desmarais doing before he became an old fart). from Geoff Stern

The Real Dog Equipment Co which sells all the right gear (harnesses, trace lines etc). This same website - - sells belts for skijoring also.

More on this on Dog Sports on Doglinks

Working Dog News
Get your dog to work!
Get them to create electricity, power,
like they did in the old days!
Get your dog to power up!
A brave dog needed to get across
One brave dog that made it
across the swing bridge.

Fun facts

The heaviest and longest dog ever recorded is Aicama Zorba of La-Susa (born September 26, 1981), a Mastiff owned by Chris Eraclides of London, England. In November 1989, Zorba was recorded as weighing 343 pounds, standing 37 inches at the shoulder, and measuring 8 feet, 3 inches long from nose to tail.


Service & Therapy Dogs
Secrets of the guide dogs fetch! finds out some of the special skills these dogs are taught

Mobility Dogs NZ: Auckland (09) 448-5520

Therapy Dogs: A comprehensive list of websites devoted to our special canine companions.

Detector Dog Programme MAF's Detector Dog programme is so well regarded, international quarantine agencies are looking at NZ dogs.

Service Dogs of America -- UKC affiliate "Protection titles without the requirement of tracking." Also, a "family obedience" program (with various titles) emphasizing practical obedience

Smoke Alarm dogs: Dogs giving you warning about smoke. The dog does not react to the smoke alarm. Dogs can sense smoke a few seconds before the alarm

Working Dogs -- slide show. Nice pics!


Caring Canines Visiting Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs: A comprehensive list of websites devoted to our special canine companions.

Changing Times in Service Dog Training by Debi Davis

I find this book an educational and instructional tool for the beginner to the seasoned therapy dog handler.
Melanie Micue

Farming Dogs .

Farm dogs in New Zealand-- New Zealand's hard-working farm dogs are worth gold to their owners, who often give them affectionate names such as Girlie, Fly, Stride, Beaut and Loyal. These huntaways, beardies and other purpose-bred herders muster thousands of sheep and cattle across hill and high country - a tough job that can't be done any other way. by Clive Dalton

Sheep Sense
What makes sheep behave as they do? There are many factors, but they all basically result from the fact that sheep have limited means of defense from predators.

Is My Pup Ready? Starting a puppy in herding

Herding with the Shetland Sheepdog: A Pursuit in Working with Natural Instincts and Abilities

Finding a Stockdog Trainer to Be Your Herding Mentor

The "Eye" Issue & Types of "Eye" in Herding Dogs

Herding with the Shetland Sheepdog: A Pursuit in Working with Natural
Instincts and Abilities

Understanding Flight Zone and Point of Balance Chiefly of interest for herding, but this is very, very much worth reading

how dogs get around

What to Expect from a Herding Instinct Test
1. No dog has any business inside the flock. 2. No sheep has any business outside the flock.
3.Only when a dog is reliable in the basics can it be handed more responsibility

Trackerdogs Academy (Netherlands)
Training scent dogs for various tasks

Teaching Herding to *Humans* is Hard!

"What to Expect from a Herding InstinctTest" by Ann Garner

Balance in herding -- its' more than just not skidding on a sheep pie
What Is Balance?
Balance and Pacing

Retrieve with scent discrimination

Drug Reaction in Herding Dogs

The Etc.

Mealtime for Working Dogs (pdf)
Palman's latest superb article on trng -- the title is somewhat misleading, because she covers more than just using mealtime as a
reinforcement opportunity. Don't miss this one or any of her articles

Canine Peak Performance Sports medicine and rehabilitation for the canine athlete

NZ Sheep Dog Trial Association

DogFind (NZ) - for buying and selling all things K9. The website dedicated to athletic & working Dogs. provides informational and educational materials related to the sporting and working breeds for owners, breeders, and trainers.

newspaper dog!

Racing Dogs

New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association The governing body for New Zealand Greyhound racing. NZ Greyhound Racing Assn. is responsible for maintaining Greyhound racing integrity and racing products in NZ.

Internet Racing New Zealand TAB
Online betting and the main betting system in New Zealand.

War Dogs

Irish Wolfhounds in the Great War
Scent & Rescue Dogs

Biological and Nutritional Consequences of Work at High Altitude in Search and Rescue Dog

Interested in Canine Search and Rescue? Are you cut out for SAR? Is your dog?

Puppies and tracking One man's experience.

Texas Trackers - Some interesting training tips

Introduction to Avalanche Rescue Dogs

Military Working Dog News: Read about working dogs in the U.S. military

Institute for Canine Forensics: research and certification of forensic evidence/body recovery dogs

drug dog

Other amazing pictures in the 

SAR Dogs Otago Inc is a voluntary organization dedicated to the training and deployment of Search Dogs in a variety of Search and Rescue environments, including Wilderness/Bush, Avalanche and Disaster.

Utilizing Air-Scenting Dogs to Locate Drowning Victims: A Research Report
The nose knows secrets which the eye cannot guess

dpg paper


Raising a puppy for narcotics, search-and-rescue, cadaver, or patrol work by Yvette Piantadosi-Ward is an amazing look in raising a puppy for this kind of work.

NZ Police Dog Section It is found that the assistance of the Canine Section was of great value to Police on the strees

Nat'l Tactical Police Dog Assn (NTPDA) Certification trials for police dogs (USA)

The Prison Pet Partnership Program in Washington State is a model for the nation in the area of the rehabilitation of female offenders within the criminal justice system. Inmates reach out to help others by training special dogs that will assist a disabled person. Could we do this in NZ? yes, Mobility Dogs are doing this now.

Seizure Dogs

Seizure Dogs:
Predicting Seizures vs. Assistance During a Seizure

Dogs sniff out human illness (video)
Jun 23 - They've long been regarded as man's best friend and now dogs in England are helping scientists sniff out human cancers. Some dogs can also smell when a diabetic person is about to have a hypoglycemic attack.
Hunting Dogs

Retriever training for gun dogs: From eight weeks to nine months

Puppy Retrieving article Initially when you throw a 'toy' the pup may not return with it but if it will pick up and parade around carrying the object for even a short time, you can praise and show how clever the pup is in your eyes. Do not chase and create problems where the pup will keep away from you or encourage you to chase it.

Steady to Wing and Shoot: "The steadying process is not black and white. It's filled with many gray areas that require a person with knowledge and experience. I have seen many dogs ruined by novice trainers because they lack the experience required to read the dog properly and apply the techniques outlined here. "

Check out Dog-e-biz for products that might interest you, like reflector jackets for your dog...

Amy & John Dahl on retriever puppies

A list of Hunting Dog Clubs in New Zealand.
North Auckland Gundog Club
Versatile Hunting Dog Test Assn
Waikato Gundog Club

"Another Look at the 49th Day" This paper suggested that guide dogs had the correct amount of attachment to people to become guide dogs if the average age at Separation from litter mates was not less than seven weeks.

Force-Fetching Without "The Collar"
Force-fetching is the process of making a dog absolutely reliable in its bird/dummy handling and delivery. It converts retrieving from a matter of play to a matter of obedience

Texas dog being pulled on a boat after looking for parts of the shuttle craft

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