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Sizing up a well-behaved trainer
for your dog

Group classes give dogs a chance to socialize with each other and learn to pay attention to you when there are distractions. Here are tips to help you choose a training class:

>>Code of Ehics Ask if they observe the Code of Ethics of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers --link to the Code of Ethics And Code of Ethics NZ
Do they belong to the NZ Pet Dog Association?

>> Observe a class. Good instructors should encourage observation. You can also ask the instructor for references. Is everyone having fun? In a well-run class, both dogs and people will be enjoying themselves. Talk to participants after the class and ask them if their expectations for their dog's training were met.

>> What are students supposed to do? An effective instructor should demonstrate and explain behaviors dog owners will be teaching their pets.

>> Did we do it right? A skilled trainer will encourage students to reward their dogs with food treats and praise. Punishment shouldn't be used.

>> Can we practice at home? The instructor should provide clear written instructions on how to teach the behaviours outside of class.

>> Can I get extra help? Students should have ample time ito practice skills being taught and trainers should provide individual assistance.

>> How does the instructor behave? The instructor should be calm, polite, encourage dialogue and be courteous to both canine and human clients.

>> What about special problems? If you need help with soiling, barking, aggression or other problems, ask if the class will cover these issues.

>> Can we all attend? It's beneficial for the whole family to attend (there may be reasonable age restrictions). Since your dog should learn to listen to all family members, your dog will benefit from consistency.

HERE ARE MORE considerations when selecting a trainer:

>> Make sure you feel comfortable with training tools and methods used.

>> Type of training. Training should not involve yelling, choking, shaking the scruff, alpha rolling (forcing the dog onto its back) or other actions that could cause your dog distress or pain.

>> Collars. Choke collars and prong collars use pain and intimidation to control a dog. They can hurt your dog and harm your relationship with him.

>> Are vaccinations required for dogs and puppies in the class? Make sure you and your veterinarian are comfortable with the requirements.

>> Guarantees? Because of variables in dog breeding, temperament, owner commitment and experience, a trainer cannot and should not offer guarantees. However, an instructor should be willing to ensure client satisfaction with his or her professional services.

>> Effective training must include you, so avoid anyone who wants to take your dog away and train him for you.

>> A conscientious trainer will stay informed about innovations in dog training and behavior modification. Is he or she is a member of any educational organizations, such as the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers), or endorsed by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI)? Ask if he or she receives continuing education.

>> Ask about class size and number of assistants. With 10 or more students with one instructor, you can't expect much individual attention.

>> Don't be bullied into doing something you feel is not in your dog's best interest. You have the right to stop a trainer who, in your opinion, is causing your dog harm or distress.

by By Hawaiian Humane Society

New Zealand
Dog Trainers
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OK K9s Dog Training (Kerikeri)
Here to help you and your dog have a happy relationship
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Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan Professional Dog Trainer & Behavioural Specialist. I can help you with any problem no matter the breed. No use of force, fear or gadgets. more info>>


Jess Allsop Jess Allsop Unique fun and rewarding training experience for owners and dogs of all ages and sizes
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D for Dog Training
D for Dog Training For advice and practical help with training, behaviour issues and dog socialisation.
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Take the Lead
Take the Lead Dog Training Provide a variety of personal and customised dog training programmes for busy pet dog owners More info>>
K9 Connect Individual and small-group training that improves communication between dogs and humans, and is fun for both.
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TheK9Way Simple & effective Dog Training & Behaviour sessions that work. Become empowered by TheK9Way.

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and surrounding areas
Wings Dog Training Wellington New Zealand Wings Dog Training
Train your dog and change your life.
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Dogs Best Friend Qualified Dog Behaviourist providing practical, positive and natural solutions to the problems you are having with your dogs behaviour
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Kool K9
Kool K9 Dog Training Ltd (Hamilton)
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CommuniCanine Communicanine (Fielding) Training techniques focus on training dog owners in canine communication skills
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Ace Dog Training A.C.E. Dog Training The preferred training destination for pets and their people
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Dog Fixer
The Dog Fixer Helping people to help their dogs through understanding , education and training
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Naked Dog
Less Leash, More Control
School of the Naked Dog - less leash, more control
Puppy course, kids programme, private training, life skill dog classes. We use reward based training. We help you understand your dog !
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Are you a dog trainer?
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Dog trainers and
the listing
There are not many schools in New Zealand that offer dog training. Those that do are listed on the right column of this page. There are dog trainers in NZ who are members of Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers through the Australian branch and the NZ branch.

There are a lot of qualified experienced dog trainers, however, it can be difficult to assess the quality of their services. Our dog trainer pages are an attempt to bring together qualified and/ or experienced dog trainers. Of course, not all trainers are on the Net, and not all trainers have registered.

International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants

A list of Dog Schools in New Zealand

What's the difference between a dog trainer, and an animal behaviouralist?



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