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How to choose a dog? Listing with doglinks

What kind of dog breeds are there?

From NZ Kennel Club

Animal PlanetAnimal Planet dog breed directory (selector)

Dogs in Canada has a great comprehensive list of breeds

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New Zealand and Australian breeders No charge for a basic listing.
Available fee listings.

Breed description,
Breeders & True to Type Club in New Zealand
Breed Description of Breed Breeders Clubs


The Akita Inu is a low-maintenance dog. This hearty breed can be traced back thousands of years, to when the dogs helped hunters bring in large game. These days, an Akita in the home is thought to be a symbol of good health and prosperity. More >> none listed none listed
Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute
The Alaskan Malamute excels at hauling heavy loads over great distances in brutal conditions, and its construction is consistent with such use. The long body is powerful and well muscled throughout, heavy boned with a straight back and very strong... More>> Nuiinu Alaskan Malamutes-
Updated Nov 2009

Striving to breed sound quality Alaskan Malamutes based on top Australian & American CHD clear lines. We are the home to multi Best in Show Champions.
Contact: Shayne & Vivien Douglas
Email: nuiinu [AT]
Ph: 06 367 3327
Northern Alaskan Malamute Club
organises annual events and activities such as Rig Racing, Weight Pulling, Ribbon Parades, social walks, fun days, Championship and Open Shows. 69749
American Staffordshire Terriers

The Amstaff (American Staffordshire Terrier) should give the impression of great strength for his size. A well put together dog, muscular but agile and graceful. Should be stocky, not long legged or racy in outline.

*Purewaters Kennels Updated Sept 2007
We are NZKC registered breeders of quaility American Staffordshire Terriers,we breed for temperment first. Our dogs have been breed from exellent champion blood lines. Our kennels are well known for the REDS that we produce.We also have Blues,Fawns & also Tri colours.
Contact: Dwaye Vujcich, Cambridge 021 043 8981
Email: purewaterskennells [AT]

Envyamstaff Kennels Updated Nov 2009
We are a small kennel in South Auckland. Currently concentrating on campaigning we have some lovely Amstaff's from Champion Lines. We breed for Temperament and then Type. We only breed to a waiting list
Phone number: 09 2965845
Email: m.maunsell [AT]

none listed





A hunting dog originally from Egypt, the basenji loves to be around people and children. However, this friendly dog, also known as the "African barkless dog," needs constant supervision, as he enjoys chewing everything in sight. Save your house by crate training your basenji early on. More>> Senjabi Basenjis, Updated November 2009
Senjabi Basenjis, Rangiora, North Canterbury
Christine Small
Email: senjabi [AT]
Otago/Southland Hound Club
Updated August 2007
Katrina Nicholls
Phone : 03-246 8331
Email : wildfern [AT]


The beagle is a low-maintenance breed. Beagles are hunting dogs and should be kept in a secured yard or on a leash to keep them from running after real or imagined quarries. More>>

How to Select a Beagle Beagles are happy dogs, but they have the not-so-happy honor of being frequent participants in medical experiments.

The Beagle Club
Contact: John & Sandra Green, Invercargill
Email: [AT]

Bernese Mountain Dog


The big and lovable Bernese mountain dog is loyal and attentive to its family and needs to be a part of all activities. This dog is a quick learner, but is slow to mature. Expect to have a full-grown puppy for a couple of years. MORE>>

*Anahera Bernese Mountain Dogs
Updated August 2007

Beautiful family companions - Carefully bred puppies occasionally available to approved homes. Taranaki.
Contact: Lisa Stevenson / Phone: 06 756 9094
Email: anahera [AT]

Brienz Kennels Updated August 2007
Puppies bred and reared in our home environment and exposed to children at an early age, making them great family members. A visit to our kennel is required but an experience I am sure you will enjoy.
Contact: .Graham or Chrissy Langford
Phone:..(07) 3782473 or..(0274) 751 757
Email:..BRIENZ [AT]

none listed

Bishon Frise

With its button nose and dark, adorable eyes, the Bichon Frise has proved to be the perfect companion for many dog lovers around the world — even those who are allergic to dogs. This little pooch MUST be heaven-sent! More>> none listed none listed

Border Collie


Look under "Collie"    

Boston Terrier


The shorthaired and lively Boston terrier will spread warmth through any household with her happy and expressive nature. This breed gets along well with people, children and pets. You may need a lot of patience while housebreaking. More>> All about Boston Terriers! Boston Terrier owner shares info on standards, history, selection, care, common health problems, photo gallery where visitors can add their pet's photos, puzzles, ecards, free newsletter and more!

none listed none listed




A fun-loving family dog, the Boxer has a good sense of humour and a genuine willingness to please. A smart individual with energy to burn, the Boxer remains a puppy for most of its life. More>>

Yahoo discussion group An email group for anyone with an interest in the boxer breed.

Apex Boxers (Dunedin NZ and NSW Australia) Updated November 2009
Apex Boxers are among the most thoroughly health tested in the southern hemisphere and they prove their health, sound construction & excellent temperament by being successful working dogs, show dogs & great pets.
Contact: Dr Daniela Rosenstreich
Email: ApexBoxers [AT]

*Ronin Boxers Updated August 2007
A small New Zealand Kennel where breeding stock is carefully selected for quality, sound temperament and excellent health test results. Woodville, Manawatu only.
Contact: Helene Owen
Email: ronin [AT]

Esterno Listed November 2009
A small kennel based in Upper Hutt, NZ. We have two fantastic boxers from English and American lines with champions throughout. They have been shown sparingly but from these short jaunts have produced both In show and Group awards.
Contact: Nicky Sullivan
Email: nicky.colin [AT]

South Island Boxer Club
Updated August 2007

The Club is made up of people who are dedicated to the Boxer. We deal with issues that affect all Boxers - show dogs & family pets alike.

Contact: Barbara Hawker
Pphone 03 313 7622.



Briards are shaggy, long coated French Sheepdogs. Intelligent, lively and full of personality. Briards are loving family companions and make excellent watchdogs. The briard thrives on human imput and always want to be close to his master.

Mermadale Briards Updated June 2010
The longest established Briard kennel in New Zealand.
Pedigree puppies available occasionally as part of our long term breeding program.
Ashburton / Chrishchurch
Contact: Brian & Kath Falkingham
Phone number: 03 325 4494
Email: brian [AT]

*Aubrey Briard Kennels Updated August 2008
We are a small kennel breeding for sound friendly pets and also for showing quality briards.
Phone: 789 7784
gavie_haussmann [AT]

none listed


French Bulldog

French Bulldogs

Affectionate, playful, comical, curious and alert-all sound like prerequisites for the perfect mate. And all aptly describe the French Bulldog. "Frenchies," as they are nicknamed, were originally bred from English Bulldogs and French Terriers, and have a personality and needs all their own. More>>

How to care for a Frenchy


Flambeau Updated April 2009
Breeders and exhibitors of French Bulldogs located in the South Island of New Zealand. Our aim is to produce healthy, well tempered dogs that conform to the breed standard. Incorporating Australian, American and New Zealand bloodlines. Pet and show enquiries welcome.
Contact: Meigan Smithson
Email: flambeaufrenchies [AT]

Labohrem French Bulldogs
Updated Nov 2009
We are small newly established kennel based in Taranaki. Our main aim is to produce sound healthy puppies.
Contact: Grant & Paula Rollo
Email: g.p.rollo [AT]
Phone: (06) 755 1117

Southern Bulldog Club Updated Dec 2020
We are a small bulldog club, looking after the welfare and health of both French and British Bulldogs.
southernbulldogclub [AT]
Bulldogs (British)

British Bulldog
British Bulldogs are gentle and known for their friendly nature. They are famous for getting along well with children, other dogs and household pets. Their appearance, rather than their temperament, is its only asset if looking for a "watchdog�. More>>

MyRedBrits Kennels
Updated May 2010

Small Kennel based in Canterbury New Zealand with 3 Bulldogs at this stage. 2 females and a male.
Phone number: 027 222 5221
Email: myredone [AT]



The Bullmastiff is a loveable large breed with a heart of gold. It has great guarding capabilities while being a loyal, loving companion More>>

* Akylah Bullmastiffs Updated August 2008
Contact Rachel Thompson Manawatu New Zealand
Email: bullmastiffs [AT]

Ablamor Bullmastiff Kennels
Updated November 2009
Contact: Elayne Ravji
Email: boss [AT]

Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs of Opalguard (Tamworth , Australia) Updated November 2009
Dedicated breeders and successful exhibitors of Champion and Award winning Bullmastiffs and French Bulldogs.  Est 1989.
Ph: 61 267 624835 (international)
Email: opalgard [AT]

TheDogueDeBordeaux: a place to chat with other dog owners of this breed. "kennel name is doguebull kennels breeders of quality not quantity doguedebordeaux with good bone from imp top lines"

Dominion Bullmastiff Club Inc Offical site for the Dominion Bullmastiff Club of New Zealand.
: Simone
Email: hardrock01 [AT]

Bull Terrier

The purebred Bull Terrier is recognised as a great dog for families with children. However, work with respected breeders to ensure you are getting a purebred. Loads of fun, with a lovely sense of humour that will have their owners in stitches. More>> *Boromir Updated August 2008
Bull Terrier breeder in New Zealand. Show and Pet. Stock health tested before being bred. Waihi
Contact: H Holland
Email: hyde [AT]

The North Island Bull Terrier Club
Update March 2012
Lynda Fulton
430A Highway
22 Pukekawa Auckland
cowgirl1368 [AT]

Canterbury Bull Terrier Club
Secretary: Nicole Adams
36 Ariki Place, Hei Hei 8042
Ph 03 342 5229

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Cavalier King Charles

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a small breed of Spaniel - type dog , and is classed as a toy dog by most kennel clubs.
Darilance Updated December 2011
We breed and show award winning Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.  All our Cavaliers are vet checked and hold certificates for heart and eye health.
Private boarding is offered for small to medium size dogs. Day boarding, bathing and grooming are also available. Huntly
Contact: Jan Eatock
Email: Darilance [AT]
Ph: 07 828 8797



Chihuahuas' colors can be brindle (gray with darker streaks or spots), blond, black, brown, fawn (brown-yellow) or blue. Chihuahuas are very sensitive to the elements. They can suffer from heatstroke because of their love for the sun, so be careful about leaving them outdoors. More>> Teddee Chihuahua's
Updated July 2010
Breeders of NZKC smoothcoat and longcoat quality chihuahua's for show or pet.
Contact Cheryl McKay
cheryl [AT}
The Auckland Chihuahua Club
Updated August 2010

A breed club catering for all chihuahua fanciers north of Taupo, we hold one or two championship shows each year and several ribbon parades. We are member club of The New Zealand Kennel Club.
Contact Cheryl McKay, President,
levans [AT]
Phone: 09 832 1144

Cocker Spaniels


The cocker spaniel is a happy dog that requires daily exercise. While content living in an apartment, it should have a backyard to play in. This breed is great with kids and other pets, but is difficult to house-train and can bark a lot. More>> none listed none listed




Collies originated in Scotland and made their debut as a show breed in England during the 1860s. Excellent herders of cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, collies also make wonderful family pets. They have a sweet, playful temperament and get along well with children. Plenty of exercise off leash is essential for this active dog. More>>

Border collies, originating from the border of England and Scotland, are bred to herd livestock and are extremely intelligent and agile. A border collie can weigh between 30 and 50 pounds when it reaches maturity. But don't expect this breed to mature when it's one year old; they can take two to three years to reach full maturity. More>>

A site devoted to Border Collies

Border Collie Health
DNA testing for CEA and other maladies

The Border Collie Museum

Haulton Updated Nov 2009 We are a small family based kennel based
in the heart of the waikato. At Haulton our focus is on breeding healthy
well socialized border collies for conformation, agility, obedience, working
or just as your next best friend.
Email: Kylie and Paul OR ring
07 823 2694

Asset Kennels Updated Nov 2009
Quality Breeder of Pure Bred Border collies and home of the FAMOUS Border Control Bird Dogs. Our dogs are a perfect match for pet homes, working enviroments, the show ring or the agility arena. Border control bird dogs are your one stop answer to problem geese or turkeys. The best goose dogs around!
Email: asset.kennels [AT]

Heidesa Border Collies Updated Nov 2009 Breeders of Border Collies of different colours including
chocolate/white, red/white, black/white and tri-colours.
: Maxine Young 07-552-5192
Email: JohnMaxYoung [AT]

More than 25 years experience training dogs specifically for obedience competitions. Both our own and other people's. Check for more information

* Dajarra Border Collies Updated August 2007 Cambridge NZ. Established 18.5 years. Puppies sometimes available
Phone : 07 827 8024
Email: sue_dajarra [AT]

Flair Kennels Updated June 2010
Breeders of sound Border Collies and Bichon Frise.
Our Border Collies have been DNA tested for CL CEA and some TNS. We have bred several All Breeds Best In Show winners. Our puppies are raised in a clean family enviroment. All enquiries welcome.
Contact: Avertl Ross
(03) 688 7397 or flairhaven [AT]

Waikato & Districts Collie Club caters for the four collie breeds: Bearded Collies, Border Collies, Rough Collies and Smooth Collies.
Contacts: Jo Walden,
Email: rousabout [AT],
Ph 07 8728195.

The South Island Collie The SICC incorporates the four breeds of collie in the South Island - Border, Bearded, Smooth, Rough Coated.
Contact: brian [AT]


Pembroke Welshi Corgis expect nothing less than the "royal treatment".well, Queen Elizabeth's Corgis, anyway. The rest of the Corgis also need some tending to.although they have an average life expectancy of 11 to 13 years (and can live up to 15 years). there are several things to know about this breed to keep them healthy. More>>

Kelbryn Welsh Corgis Updated Nov 2009
A small breeding/exhibiting kennel of quality Pembroke Welsh Corgis in sunny Hawke's Bay.
Contact: Anne Lacey
Email: kelbryn [AT]

* Merthyr Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Updated Aug 2007
: Lesley J Chalmers
Email: merthyr [AT]

Central Welsh Corgi League & East Coast Ladies Kennel Association
Updated Aug 2007
Secretary is Jewel Inwood
Email: jewel.brian [AT]

The Central Welsh Corgi League caters for both Cardigan & Pembroke Welsh Corgi fanciers.

Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club Update December 2010
Contact: Michael Romanos
Email: mjromanos [AT]
Phone number: 04 528 5861


The long-bodied and independent dachshund is likely to bowl you over with its affectionate and lively personality. It is truly happy when with its human family. However, remember to train your dachshund at an early age; this shrewd and stubborn dog will try to outfox you. More>> none listed none listed



The Doberman pinscher is a loving, protective family dog if given the proper socialization and training. However, this bold and smart dog is bred to be dominant and will quickly assert itself over you if given the opportunity. The secret to a sweet, docile Doberman is firm but friendly handling. More>>

Judging and defining temperament in the modern Doberman Pinscher

* Ruzuna Breeders and Exhibtors of Top Quality Dobermanns breeding for temperament and sound minds,conformation, and health. We use top quality English, American and now European lines.
Contact: Alison Green in Pirongia
Email: info [AT]
none listed


Golden Retriever


The golden retriever is a medium-maintenance dog. Known for its incredibly sweet disposition, it mostly needs love and attention - follow these steps to take the best care of your golden. More>>

A listserve for those interested in this breed

Kerleigh Kennels Updated November 09
A small family of healthy happy dogs.  Our main aim is to breed for health and temperament.  Our pups are well handled and socialized to people of all ages and a variety of dogs (plus sheep, cats, goats etc)
Contact: Karla Kertesz 06 3294134
Email: kerleigh [AT]

Strathaird Golden Retrievers Updated Nov 09 (Auckland and Dunedin) We have been extremely careful in selecting our breeding/show stock which comprises of some of the finest British, New Zealand and Australian lines available.
Contact: Justine and Barbara Smith
09 849 5411 or 027 629 5211
Email: jsmith12354 [AT]

Southern Golden Retriever Club Updated August 2007
Club for golden Retriever owners.  Cater for showing, Obedience and Field Trials.
Secretary Miriam Dobson. 
Email: miriam_moorfield [AT]
Phone (03)3478 408
Gordon Setters The Gordon Setter is an extremely intelligent dog of bold character and whilst they can be very outgoing, in some company they can also be equally reserved. The deduction that can perhaps be made is that whilst you might be judging them, they have already made up their minds up about you. However, when they have made up their mind that they like you, then the roles are quickly reversed and they will soon become your owner. More>> * AZZARO KENNEL Updated August 2007
Home of Quality Gordon Setters, and where breeding for the betterment of the breed is our number one priority. Hip scores and health checks are carried out on all our dogs before breeding. Levin Ph: 06 3672557
Contact: Karen Leslie
Email: azzaro [AT]
Gordon Setter Club: Updated Sept 2008
This Club serves all owners and interested people of the Gordon Setter Breed. A newsletter is published.
Secretary- Nicky Detheridge Davies
Email: gned_davies [AT]

German Shepherd 

German Sheppard 


A Loyal Friend: The German Shepherd Dog’s guarding instincts and extreme intelligence make this breed a popular choice for police, military and security work. Given early socialisation and positive reinforcement training, the breed also makes an excellent family companion. More>>

If you wish to adopt a German Shepherd. The German Shepherd Rescue Trust non-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue, foster care and adoption of German Shepherd Dogs throughout New Zealand

The German Shepherd Dog: Anatomy and performance are inseparable

* Shephaven German Shepherds Updated August 2007
Breeder of quality German Shepherds in a Family environment
Contact: Joanne Walker
Email: shephaven [AT]

"Wyndova"- German Shepherd Dogs Updated Dec 2009 Palmerston North -Specialist breeder of Workingline German Shepherds suitable as Family Companions, Sporting(SchH/IPO), Working(SAR ), Protection and Service dogs.  Puppies available from our selective breeding programme.
Contact: Adrian May
wyndova_gsdogs [AT]

Excalibur Updated Nov 2009
German Shepherds Quality purebreed German Shepherd dogs.
Contact: Kelly Jeffery
Phone number: 04 298 8300
excaliburshepherds [AT]

South Island German Sheperd League Our club is a specialist German Shepherd Dog Club, offering training in Obedience, Agility, Tracking and Showing of the German Shepherd breed only.
Email: info [AT]

German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

One of the most energetic breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer is a hunting dog by nature. Protective, clever, eager and willing to please, they are very fond of their human families. Happy-go-lucky, they love nothing more than to engage in some type of constructive activity with their owners such as a long walk, jog, hike, hunt, or a game of Frisbee. More>> None listed

* German Shorthaired Pointer Club updated Aug 2007
Auckland & Regions. We can help with advice in obtaining a puppy and training it for hunting or showing. The Club holds several field events and 4 show type events a year as well as informal field training days. Please contact our secretary Gail
ph/fax 09 832-3734
Email: johngailblankley [AT]
Contact: Secretary - Robin Gaskin
Email:irishsetter [AT]

Great Danes  

Great Dane

The Great Dane is patient, friendly with children and enjoys being with people. This breed does not do well when left alone and requires obedience training early on because of its large size. More>>

Crestwell Great Danes Updated Nov 2009
Breeders of quality harlequin/black/mantle Great Danes based in the lower North Island. Wellington
Contact: Gillian Hapi on
Email: gill.hapi [AT]
Phone number: 06-3626558 and 027-2388815

JenRus Great Danes Updated Feb 2011
Quality pedigree, NZKC registered Great Danes, from Champion Italian and Australian (Warpaint Kennels) bloodlines, Christchurch
Contact: Jenny Crooks
Email: gdanes [AT]

Wellington Great Dane Society,
Contact: Eva Craig
Email: crestwell [AT]

Italian Greyhounds


The Italian Greyhound is a very old Greyhound. Interestingly, a dog similar to the Italian Greyhound of today was found in a 6000 year old Egyptian tomb. Like the Greyhound, this breed was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians. More>> Sharic Updated Nov 2009
Breeding Shetland sheepdogs since 1987, now added the ancient and unchanged, delightful Italian Greyhound
Contact Karen Earl
Email: karen [AT]
none listed

Irish Terriers

Irish Terrier

How to Groom an Irish Terrier. Irish Terrier s are medium-sized dogs with a feisty and boisterous attitude, making them great companions for healthy, active children. They are similar in stature to the More » Culford Kennels Breeders of Fine Irish Terriers Updated Nov 2009
Culford Kennels for 20 years. Breeders of Fine Irish Terriers,
Contact: Dorothy Horne
Email: dorothy [AT]
none listed

Jack Russell


The Jack Russell terrier is a medium-maintenance breed. This is a dog that tests your limits. You must be able to be firm and kind to it. If you tend toward being the doting type of pet owner, the Jack is not for you. More>> none listed none listed



The Australian Kelpie, also referred to simply as the Kelpie, or the Barb if it is all black, was developed in Australia in 1800's to herd livestock. More>> * Mimbil Kennels Updated August 2007
Breeding Kelpies for show agility, obedience and as service dogs. All breeding stock hip scored since 1996 (Australia)
Contact: Pauline Gill
Email: suthenskys [AT]
none listed

Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso picture

Lhasa apsos are intelligent, devoted and compassionate dogs. The biggest challenge in caring for them involves grooming the dense coat, which requires regular brushing and bathing. More>> * Paddington Kennels Updated August 2007
We breed and show Lhasa Apso's & Shih Tzu
Contact: Cathy Wallace
Email: paddingtonkennels [AT]
none listed



The Lagotto is a very intelligent breed and is most widely known for its ability in searching truffles in the flat open country and the hills of Romagna, thanks to his very developed sense of smell and high ability to concentrate on the search.  The Lagotto is the only breed recognized for this purpose and is also an ancient breed for water retrieving.

* (Australia) Azzuronastro Lagottos Updated August 2007
Lagottos are our newest breed. We introduced Roma our first lagotto into our lives about four years ago, since then we have imported a wonderful dog Sarno from Italy and we have produced two litters.
Contact: Rena Henderson, Brisbane, Australia
Phone : 07 33727436
Email : lagotto [AT]

* (Australia) Greydove Kennels
Updated August 2007
Our Lagotti breeding program is specially selected to bring out the true virtues of the breed. We have now taken steps to import several Lagotti to improve the breed in Australia. We have a small breed selection and only breed a couple of times a year ensuring absolute quality.
Contact: Val Peters, Narelle Goold, Keith Robinson & Kate McDonald
Castle Hill NSW
Ph: 61 2 96345776
Email: val [AT]

(NZ) Takahoa Kennels Updated November 2009
Breeders of the Lagotto Romagnolo, Italian Truffle hunting dog.
Contact: Sue Milner
Email: scr.milner [AT]

(NZ) MiaBella Kennels Updated Nov 2009
Kennels run by Chris & Jane Counsell, breeders of Lagotto Romagnolo dogs in the Wairarapa, New Zealand. Lagottos were originally bred as water retrievers in Italy but nowadays they are the only breed recognised as Truffle sniffing dogs. Ph: 06-304-8826
Contact: Jane Counsell
Email: enquiries [AT] nz

none listed



Kiwi Pride

The Labradoodle as a dog breed is still developing, and does not yet "breed true," i.e., puppies do not have consistently predictable characteristics. While many Labradoodles display desired traits, their appearance and behavioral characteristics remain, from an overall breed standpoint, unpredictable.

Kereru Labradoodles Updated Nov 2009 I am interested in maximising genetic health by the intentional and intelligent matching of unrelated dogs to produce puppies that are intelligent, non-aggressive, family friendly, non-shedding and generally a delight to have around. I am also NZ's first breeder of Australian Labradoodles and Cocker Doodles.
I also breed Spoodles.
Contact: Cheryl Bollen (09) 4347775
Email: cheryl [AT]

Kiwi Pride Australian Labradoodles Updated June 2008
New Zealands only accredited breeder with the Australian Labradoodle Breeders Accredidation, compulsory testing for prcd-PRA, eye certificates, hip/elbow scored parents. 2 year health guarantees, lifelong support to our families.
Contact: Jody kiwipride [AT]

none listed


Labrador Picture


Labrador retrievers are good-natured, people-oriented dogs. They love to be included in family life and are great with kids. Follow these simple steps to care for your lab. More>>

Articles: Coat Color Inheritance Chart for the Labrador Retriever

* Bornefield Labradors
Updated August 2007

(Auckland) A small, and exclusive kennel. Our aim as breeders is not only to produce labradors of good type and soundness but also they must have temperaments to match. All of our puppies are raised in our home with our children and older dogs.

Contact: Tara Passfield 09-411-8343
or email: enquiries [AT] bornefieldlabradors
The Labrador Club
Updated Nov 2009
The aim is to promote pedigree Labrador Retrievers in all fields and work towards improvement of the breed.
Contact website:



The Leonberger is a gentle giant originating in Germany in the 1800’s. It is an ideal companion dog, gentle with children and other animals. The Leo also performs well in Water Rescue, Carting and Therapy work.

Javin Leonberger Kennels
Updated May 2011
We are the only South Island breeder actively showing our Leonbergers and have won through to In Show awards. All our Leonbergers are hip, elbow and eye tested before matings. Our puppies go to approved homes only and are registered with the New Zealand Kennel Club.
Contact: Angela and Jason Hunt
Phone: 021 548 777
Email: info [AT]

Leonburns Leonbergers Updated November 2009
Breeding from quality imported French/Belgian and German lines. All our breeding leonbergers are NZKC registered, NZKC champions and fully health tested before breeding. Puppies regularly available to approved home and exported.
City: Summerhill South Island
Phone number: (03) 310-2304
Contact: Elsha
Email: leonbergers [AT]

The Leonberger Club
Updated May 2011
Contact: Secretary 07 552 0015 The club was formed in 2002 by Leo lovers and aims to give accurate information and ongoing support to owners.



awaiting description Fanfare Maltese (Tauranga) Updated August 2007
Contact: Toni Fanfulla
Email: maltese [AT]
none listed



Large, massive, powerful, symmetrical and well-knit frame. A combination of grandeur and good nature, courage and docility. The head, in general outline giving a square appearance when viewed from any point. More>>

The Mastiffs: The Big Game Hunters, Their History, Development and Future


Clanboar Updated June 2010
We show Mastiffs.
Contact Rhiannon McCulloch
Email: clanboar [AT]

Tessenday Updated August 2008
We have been breeding for over ten years for soundness, type ,size and above all temperament. We don't breed very often, only if we need to further our breeding programme, so puppies are rarely available but we are always happy to "talk mastiff " as they are our passion. Click for photos
Contact: Brenda Cheese 
Phone number
: 04-298-9533
Email: jbcheese [AT]

ToadHall Mastiffs Updated August 2007
Located in the South Island we are breeding for old english type, correct mastiff character and soundness. Puppies occasionally available,genuine enquiries welcome.
: Karen Dyer
Email: toadhall.mastiffs [AT]

Mastiff Club Updated August 2007 Activities for the education of owners of mastiff, broadening the knowledge of the breed, showing and caring for the mastiff dog
Hilary Stace,
Bus: 963-2364; Home: 942-8433,
hilary.mastiff [AT]

Alison Wallis
awallis [AT]


The Newfoundland is a large dog, well muscled and heavy of bone. The skull is broad with an arched crown and pronounced occiput; ears are set on the side of the head and are small and triangular. Eyes are wide... More>> none listed

The Newfoundland Club (Inc) Updated June 2010
The Club exists to provide support and activities for Newfoundland owners and others interested in the breed. Auckland, Midlanz and Wellington branches organise Water, Carting, Showing, Community Service and general get together events for members.

Kiwi Newfoundlands Updated February 2008 A club for people interested in Newfoundland Dogs for pleasure and friendship
P O Box 398, Rotorua. Auckland and Other North Island Centres
Contact Lee-Ann Mead
Phone number: 021 2152576



awaiting description Braemac Pointers Updated Aug 2007
Braemac Pointers - where all our Pointers are part of the family, first and foremost, and sometimes showdogs too!
Contact: Megan Rogan
Email: braemac [AT]

Pointer Club:Updated Aug 2007 Catering for all aspects of life with this wonderful breed, whether your interest lies with hunting, showing, obedience, agility or, most importantly, having a Pointer as a valued family member.
Contact: Secretary - Megan Rogan
Email: pointerclub [AT]
Phone 03 203 7130


Pomeranian It is THE place for, and about, Pomeranians and Pom lovers! Our site is all about Pomeranians, including standards, colors, care & grooming, common health problems and much more! Add your Pom's picture to the online photo gallery.

Milucca Kennels Updated August 2008
Small Kennel in Hamilton, NZ. Only using health tested quality dogs. We breed when we want something ourselves.  Can recommend other breeders in NZ.
Phone number: 8470 670

Ponoka Pomeranians Updated November 2012
We specialize in breeding quality, intelligent and fun loving pomeranians . I personally love the black poms and do breed for this colour. We also have light to dark reds and occasionally sables.
Contact Person: Nicki Harding
Phone number 027 664 1927

none listed





Poodle History: Setting the record straight on poodles -- the world's most misunderstood dog

Rare books about Poodles 1500 - 1837: Natural Histories


Whitout Updated Dec 2012
We are breeders and exhibitors of Apricot, Silver and Black Miniature poodles All Stud dogs are PRA Clear
Contact: Wendy Jellyman
Phone number: 06 327 3711
Email:wynotwhitout [AT]

Phab Standard Parti Poodle (NZ)
Updated Sept 2009
We are the only breeder of the stunning standard parti poodle in New Zealand.  Both dog and bitch are hip/elbow scored and eye tested.  Bitch has CGC Gold and competes in agility and lure racing.  Dog is in training for agility and loves lure racing.  He is ready to sit his Canine Good Citizen test.
Contact: Anne Bennett (09)443-2425
Email: anne.ebony [AT]

Avonti Standard Poodles Downunder (Australia) Updated August 2007
Breeding BIS and Specialty BIS standard poodles in black and white. Our first priority is temperament while striving for health and style. Companion puppies for your new best friend. Breed information.
Contact: Angela Heyburn
Email: avonti [AT]

Kateisha Updated June 2008
Home of NZ's top winning Standard Poodles and Miniature Poodles.  Healthy, happy, intelligent puppies available that are not only beautiful to look at but are the perfect pet! Christchurch
Contact Yvonne Stanton on 03 310 2466
Email: kateisha [AT]

 The Poodle Breeders Association of New Zealand (INC) 
Updated May 2012
We are a club representing many NZKC registered Poodle breeders throughout New Zealand and our members may be able to help with any poodle related issues that you may have
Contact Tony Healy
(09) 8323809
thepoodlebreedersassn [AT] hotmail.

The Poodle Club (inc)
Updated July 2010

 Established  50 years of caring for the Poodle. hows, walks, rescue  poodle owners welcome reg with New Zealand Kennel Club (Auckland)
Contact: Karen Graham
Phone number: 09 4196210
Email: wildwind [ AT]


Pyrenean Mountain Dogs

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

awaiting description Pyrenean Mountain Dogs Updated August 2007 Hawkes Bay, Stella & Chris
Email:cshughes [AT]
The Pyrenean Mountain Dog Club Updated August 2007
This is the site of the PMDC NZ an associate Club of NZKC. Information, history, articles, health, Breeders, Photos and much more on the Pyrenean since it's arrival into NZ. Contact: Jan Chaplin
Email: ariege [AT]

Join a listserve for this breed!



The Rhodesian Ridgeback is also known as the African lion hound because of its effectiveness in hunting lions in its homeland of southern Africa. As a puppy, the Ridgeback is extremely energetic, but as he matures he will slow down and be content to lie next to his owner. Ridgebacks do well indoors, but do need a big backyard to play in. More>>

Kalmara Rhodesian Ridgebacks- Updated August 2007 Rhodesian Ridgebacks Kalmara was established in 1981
Contact: Sandy Gilbert
Email: Kalmara [AT]

Cedarrose Ridgebacks Updated February2008
We are a small but select kennel breeding for type and temperament. All breeding stock are hip/elbow scored AVA. Our puppies are lovingly raised in a family environment with an emphasis on socialisation with children and other animals.
City: Taree Mid North Coast N.S.W
Email: cedarrose_rr [AT]
Ph: 02 65505667

The Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Updated August 2007
Secretary: Alison McArthur
Contact: dtmelectrical [AT]


The Rottweiler is a powerful, calm and confident dog that maintains an air of self-assurance. With his inherent desire to protect his home and family as well as his aloof attitude, the Rottweiler does not generally make immediate and indiscriminate friends. In the hands of a responsible owner, a well-trained and socialised Rottweiler is a reliable and loving companion. They can be strong-willed, and should be trained in a firm, fair and consistent manner. Rottweilers love to be part of the family activities and thrive on human companionship.

Hardrada Rottweilers (Est 1985) Updated August 2007
Contact: Ian Geddes-Cook, (07)548 2772,
Email: ian [AT]

Tyzahn Rottweilers Updated December 2007
Dedicated to preserving this magnificent breed.  All breeding stock x-rayed.  Carefully bred puppies sometimes available to selected homes. Canterbury. Phone number: 03 312 3520
Email: Tyzahn [AT]

South Island Rottweiler Club Updated August 2007
For general and puppy enquiries
Contact: The Club Secretary Leigh Cleveland
Phone: 03 385 3396
Email: charmak [AT]


The Samoyed dog takes its name from the Samoyedic peoples of Siberia . An alternate name for the breed, especially in Europe, is Bjelkier . These nomadic reindeer herders bred the fluffy, white, smiling dogs to help with the herding, to pull sleds when they moved, and to keep their owners warm at night by sleeping on top of them. More>> Kalnovitch Samoyeds Update April 2008
are dedicated to producing sound, quality Samoyeds of type which exemplify the true, exquisite nature of our beautiful breed.  Healthy, happy puppies occasionally available to the discerning pet owner, with full lifetime support. Dunedin
Contact: Glenda & Michelle O'Brien
Email: kalnovitch [AT]
none listed



Setting The Way: It is no wonder the Gordon Setter is becoming more and more popular world-wide. This adorable breed has the face of an angel and makes a great compassionate companion. Graceful and loyal, it will enjoy spending many hours with its family. More>> Pineridge Irish Setter Update Aug 2007
The love of Irish Setters began with a rescue dog from the pound, Ruby joined us and went on to produce our first Pineridge litter of puppies and an intrest in showing and breeding.
Contact: Shona Sherrard
Email: sherrard [AT]
The English Setter Club,

Contact: Mr Gary Doyle
Weedons RD5 Christchurch Phone/Fax:03 347 8458
Email: doyleg [AT]

Shar Pei

The Chinese shar-pei is intelligent, playful and headstrong with a stubborn streak. These dogs are also dominant and will try to run your house if you let them. Early training is essential to establish your position as head of household. More>> none listed none listed


Shetland dog

Small-medium sized, naturally obedient family dog. Active, intelligent and sensitive, ideal as a companion, excellent at obedience, agility, or just a pet. MORE>>

Shelton Shetland Sheepdogs Updated Aug 2007
Contact: Ray & Lee Greer Papakura, Auckland
Contact: shelton [AT]

Airam Shetland Sheepdogs Updated Aug 2007
Airam Kennels is a small New Zealand kennel that breeds, owns and loves Shetland Sheepdogs (Shelties)
Contact: Maria Devery
Email: devon1 [AT]

Sharic Shetland Sheepdogs Updated Aug 2007 Canterbury breeders of quality shetland sheepdogs, with great temperaments, English lines
Contact karen earl
Email: sharic [AT]

none listed

Shih Tzu

With no vices, an endearing and charming personality and not much size, this is an indoor breed that can fit in anywhere, provided that it can be very much part of the family, and plenty of time and effort are available for its daily care and grooming. The Shih Tzu is an ideal breed for the person who loves lavishing affection on their dog and enjoys the act of brushing a long, luxurious coat. MORE>>

Paddington Kennels Updated Aug 2007
We breed and show Lhasa Apso's & Shih Tzu
Contact: Cathy Wallace
Email: paddingtonkennels [AT]

Celerity Updated April 2008
Breeder and exhibitor of Best in Show winning shih tzu.  Pets sometimes available to loving homes. Rakaia.
Contact: Sue Blair
Phone: 03 302 7448
Email: celerity [AT]

none listed


Siberian Husky

Siberian huskies are a medium-maintenance breed. Note that Siberians are easy to train, but choosy about obeying. More>>

Cheenuk Siberian Huskys Updated Jan 2010
A small kennel in Te Aroha, New Zealand. We intend promoting the best in regard to New Zealand Siberian Huskys.
: Sharon Leigh-Bludau
Email: cheenuk [AT]

Miyaca Siberians Updated August 2007
Small breeding/showing kennel in the Waikato, New Zealand
: miyaca [AT]

Kiwidinok Updated Feb 2011
Our dogs are pets first and foremost and sled and show dogs.
Our goal is to dual title all our race/show dogs as we believe in form and function.
Contact: Nardine Theodore
Phone number: 06 376 4344
Email: kiwidinok [AT]

Central Territories Siberian Husky Club Inc Update Feb 2011
CTSHC is a Siberian Husky breed club who actively host sled dog sports and conformation shows.
Contact: Nardine Theodore
Phone number: 06 376 4344

Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund standard says that in type, the SV is a wolf-like animal in everything except size. An ancient breed of Viking cattle dog, the Swedish Vallhund is classified as a rare breed. MORE>>

Torvall Swedish Vallhund Kennel
Updated April 2010
Torvall Swedish Vallhund Kennel is located near Ongaonga in the heart of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. Our leading bitch Cally won Swedish Vallhund BEST OF BREED at the National Dog Show 2010. We are very enthusiastic about this wonderful breed & welcome enquires.
Contact: Kathy & Greg Sloane
Phone number: 06 856 6851
Email: torvall [AT]

Barahwolfe Swedish Vallhunds
Updated November 2008
Owning and breeding pedigree Swedish Vallhunds in rural Otago, New Zealand. We are dedicated to raising awesome puppies that will go on to become loved family members for their new owners.
Contact: Peta Dowle-
Email: barahwolfe[AT]

Vallarity Swedish Vallhunds
Updated April 2010
Established in 2005 and situated in rural, central North Island, NZ. The Vallarity Kennel specialises in the importing & breeding from new bloodlines to contribute to the gene pool of this rare breed.
Contact: Lynne Henry
Email: lynnehenry[AT]

Vanaheim Updated May 2008
Small dedicated kennel in the South Island of New Zealand. Home to CHAMPION, MULTI IN GROUP and NATIONAL SHOW WINNERS our breeding programme incorporates a number of imported and NZ lines.
Contact: Natalie Rosa
Email: Vanaheim[AT]

Swedish Vallhund Club
Update April 2010

Our Aim is to facilitate good will and cohesion between Swedish Vallhund breeders, Owners and Enthusiasts within Aotearoa.

Contact: Peta Dowle
Phone number: 03 485 9090
Email: secretary [AT]

White Swiss Shepherds
Swiss White Shepherd

The White Swiss Shepherd is a family and working companion dog with distinctive friendly nature to children; attentive watchdog, cheerful and quick to learn.

Pandora KennelsUpdated May 2012
We love, own and breed White Swiss Shepherds. Pandora Kennels is the only kennel in New Zealand breeding NZKC registered White Swiss Shepherds.
White Swiss Shepherds are perfect family dogs, great for dog sports and showing.
Contact: Tanya Omlo-van Geffen
Email: info [AT]



Vizslas picture

The Vizsla is a medium sized hunting dog most commonly recognized for its golden rust coat. The head is wide between the ears, with a moderate stop and a muzzle that is deep and square. The eyes and nose should... More>> Debrecan Kennels (Christchurch)
Updated Aug 2007
Hungarian Vizsla Breeder focus is on quality not quantity
Contact: Judith Young/Anne McMaster
Email: debrecan [AT]
none listed



The Weimaraner is a durable and healthy dog, bred to hunt. Give her plenty of exercise, but more importantly, include her in all family activities, as she craves attention. Also, keep in mind that weimaraners are take-charge kinds of dogs and will run your house if you let them. Early training is essential. More>> none listed none listed


Whippets racing

The Whippet, a member of the Hound group, is a slender, medium-sized sighthound. Similar in appearance to the miniature greyhound, the Whippet is graceful, well-balanced, and strong. The coat is short, smooth, and dense, and can be found in a... More>>

Whippets: Born to Run Links resources, other information

none listed Whippet Club New Zealand Updated Aug 2007
The Whippet Club New Zealand information.
President: Merle Powley
Email - shenkhan [AT]
International Breeders

Name of breed, description


Oz Doggy is an online directory of products and services for Aussie dog owners. Oz Doggy

The Australian Dogz Online has a list of community breeds as well as the Oz Show Dogs which has pure breed dogs breeders, breed information, profiles, forums, rescue and more.

A List for New Zealand's Show Dogs Fraternity on Yahoo groups


see New Zealand listings

Estonia Great Dane Barri: Updated December 2007
Contact person: Saksa dogi Barri,
Email: barri [AT]
Hungary A slice of cake Updated June 2008 We breed from champion dogs. / Durrer's, Rothby's lines /Available pups for show or pet.
Kerepes, Hungary Contact: Zsuzsanna Szalay
Email: asliceofcake [AT]

Epetsstore A list of breeders in India.

Pakistan Den Delle Giganti Updated August 2014
A Great Dane kennel breeding Fawn and Brindle Danes, located in Karachi, Pakistan.
South Africa Debageo kennel - Home of the Italian Greyhound Updated May 08
Italian Greyhounds make wonderful pets and companions, Johannesburg

Spain Bleu Perle Border Collie Updated May 09
Breeder in Spain, selected Border Collies for beauty, herding and agility. Puppies. Coat colours: ee red, black and white, red merle, blue merle.
UK Trojanrynart Akitas Updated February 2008
We are a deadicated to preserving & maintaining the sound breed standard of the akita, along with sound temperaments. We all owe this to our wonderful akitas, please bare this in mind when you are concidering breeding with your akitas.
Phone number: 01332 726963
Email: trojanrynartakitasuk [AT]
United States

Shalimar Australian Shepherds Updated February 2008
Small family kennel located in NJ Exhibiting our dogs in conformation, we have pups/young adults on occasion. Our Aussies are Beautiful, healthy with sound temperaments. Fully guaranteed, Lifetime support. Farmingdale, USA

Harley Acre Filas (Breed: Fila Brasileiro) Listed February 2009
Quality Bred and Family Raised for Health and Stability. Fawns, Brindles and Blacks. 3 Year Health Guarantee and Full Registration papers.
City: Irwin
Phone number: 724-446-4039
Email: harleyacrefilas [AT]


..... The webmaster endeavours to keep this list up-to-date, but it is ultimately the breeder's responsibility to keep their listing updated

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