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Cartoon heelThe Difference Between Control and Obedience in Protection

The Many 'Ds' of Dog Training --15 Steps to Obedience Training & Proofing Your Dog by Robin Kovary

Breaking Down the Obedience Exercise
For example, the ROF really comprises seven exercises:
1. Waiting until the handler sends the dog upon the judge's instruction
2. Going smartly to the dumbbell
3. Fast pickup
4. Returning smartly to handler with dumbbell
5. Front
6. Releasing the db on command
7. Finish

Firefly Fields -- Competition Obedience and Agility Lessons obedience


Scoring summary

Romancing The Cookie Excellent article about how she thought her dog to love doing obedience

Obedience Misadventures My trips into the obedience ring have frequently been fraught with misadventures and mishaps. Probably one reason for my embarrassing experiences is that I have never possessed the intense competitive drive necessary to be among the upper echelons of obedience competitors although one of my dogs did actually go high-in-trial once but that was purely an accident.

Advanced Obedience -- The Signal Exercise

Obedience Training Philosophies: What Kind Is Best for Your Dog?

Advanced Obedience -- Directed Jumping

Show Dogs

Handling your dog in the show ring A very good introduction

Dog Show People: Newcomer's Field Guide
Very funny

The pet show at “Wonderland

Caption: The pet show at "Wonderland", New Zealand International Exhibition.
Snapshots of the great show.
Source: Canterbury Times, 20 Mar. 1907, p45.



Agility Training

Why do Agility?

People are attracted to agility for a wide variety of reasons. Some simply want to spend some "quality time" with their dogs, doing something that's fun. The only thing that's more fun than watching dogs do agility, is doing it with your own dog!

Thinking About Doing Agility?Some Things You Should Know

Peter Lewis on the founding history of agility

Interview with Dawn Weaver, British agility hotshot


Agilty clubs in New Zealand 

General Training Tips
Agility Basics Very nice online introduction

How to Teach Your Dog Left and Right Why would you want to teach your dog this? So he knows which way to turn once he runs to the end of the driveway or in agility

Training for Agility with Your Boxer Puppy Nicely illustrated

Silvia Trkman, agility guru
Internationally accomplished handler, known for her running contacts. Web site has some videos worth watching if you have broadband.

Guy Blancke's agility coaching by video You send him a videotape of your run, and he sends you back a commentary keyed to particular frames

Agility advice:
Sending the Dog to the Tunnel
Advice for the Novice Gambler
Blind Crosses vs. Front Crosses

Agility Bits Speeding Up a Slow Dog

So You Want to be a Handler? Personal reflections on agility training

Agility commands in Spanish:
* back = parte posteriora
* walk on = camine encendido
* here = aqui
* right = la derecha
* tunnel = túnel
* tire = neumático
* weave = armadura
* over = encima
* go on = enciéndase
* good dog = buen perro

Three Basic Rules in Agility
(from "My System of Handling" by Greg Derrett):

1. Always keep your eye on your dog. How can you react instantly if you have your back to your dog?

2. Use the arm and the leg nearest to your dog to direct it. This will not only be far clearer for the dog to see but also far easier and quicker for the handler to run without twisting his or her body.

3. Face the way the dog is going until it is fully committed to an obstacle.
First, this will keep your dog powering forward to each obstacle due to the clear body signal but will also prevent many faults (classically, poles down and refusals), Commitment of your dog to an obstacle will mean that whatever you do, the dog will take the piece of equipment successfully. This will vary from dog to dog and can also change as the dog progresses through training.



Agility: Training the Contact Obstacles

Four-on-the-Floor Contacts: Speed, Accuracy, Comfort, and Fun

Clip and GO Agility -- easy to assemble equipment

Dog Walk

A Light Weight Dog Walk - made of gutter pipe!

Dog WalkFree Agility Dog Walks And Dog Teeter Building Plans The dog walk is a very daunting obstacle in an agility course, it's also the most expensive to purchase. 

Learning the Agility Dog Walk - YouTube

Build Your Own Agility Course For Your Dog

Wrinkles demonstrating a fast dogwalk! Before you begin building your dogwalk you need to make a trip to the hardware store and buy the following things...

Design your course

Agilty course design

Agility Unscrambled -- software for trial secretaries

Agility iLog Agility iLog is an iPhone / iPad app that is available on iTunes


Dog jumpsJumps With Wings Check out the homemade contraption

The Effects of Jumping on Forelimb Injuries

Why are Jumping Drills So Important?

Weave Poles

Agilite -- very lightweight agility equipment

Weaves Without Worries PDF file which requires the (free) Adobe Acrobat reader

Way to Weave -- agility weave poles

Achieving Fast, Reliable and Independent Weaves

Training Agility Weave Poles for PWCs

Weave Pole Wires

Weave Poles Training

Linda Mecklenburg's advice

Clicker training the weave poles

Teaching Dog Agility Weaves with a Weave Chute

Google Search & Sniff
The Dogs of
Track & Field

NZ United Schutzhund Club
Providing training and competing for the dogsport of 'Schutzhund': Tracking, Obedience and Protection
PO Box 349, Silverdale.
Contact: Monique Verkade:
09-420 32 66

Cindy Pischke on tracking: Your First Track

How to turn your pet into a superstar athlete.
Admit it, your kids stink at sports. But just because Casey can't hit a T-ball and Brandon can't putt through a windmill doesn't mean your dream of becoming an overbearing sports parent has to die. Simply shift your attention from that ungainly preteen and focus on the squirrel-chasing collie in your backyard.

From a sports vet: Lameness & Gait Analysis of the Dog

From Harper's Magazine, 1843
They knew back then
what to do

Firsbee in actionWatch Frisbee in action on You Tube -- amazing action really. This guy has been in the press because of his dog's ability.

My dog isn't interested in catching the frisbee? What now?

Bikejoring- Skijoring

SkijoringTeach Your Dogs to Pull- Running dogs and training dogs are two totally different things. Too often in the enthusiasm and frenzy of the moment we let our dogs run all out at the beginning of a run.

Bikejoring Skijoring with a bicycle instead of skis.

Scott Dahlquist skijoring articles
Introduction to Skijoring and Conditioning Injury Avoidance in the Skijor Dog

"The Sled Dogs: Keeping Athletes at the Top of Their Game"

Kickbike AND Suitable for scootering or bikejoring

Togo's Final Journey- Togo was musher's Leonhard Seppala's favorite lead dog

Freestyle dancing with dogs

Canine Freestyle' or 'Heelwork to Music' (HTM), as it is sometimes known, uses clicker training and food rewards to teach dogs a series of tricks and moves. These moves can then be choreographed and performed in time to music - so that owners and their pooches can literally "dance" together as they go through the routine. Written by Hsin-Yi
She teaches in Auckland- Flips Top Dog at 522-1228

Dog Dancing: My Beagle and I Try America's Weirdest Pet Hobby

"Dancing with the Dominant Dog: How to Build a Better Relationship"
by Monique Anstee

Freestyle doggy dancing The Top Lodge Trio is a group of three of the top handlers in Europe. Kath, Karen & Lesley have all taken 1st place at Crufts and won more Advanced Classes in competition than any other group.

Getting Started with Freestyle Obedience training is essential to Freestyle, as obedience provides the foundation for developing the dog's athletic and training potential.

Richard Curtis K9 Freestyle

Attila Szkukalek
Video: Charlie Chaplin , Gladiator

Mary Ray 
Video: Working 2 dogs

Melbourne Canine Freestyle

Canine Freestyle GB

Heelwork to Music UK

Canine Freestyle Federation

Musical Dog Sport Association (US) 

Paws N Music Association (UK)

World Canine Freestyle Org (USA)- check it out for seminars near you (in the States, not NZ)

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