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Care in the Older Dog

Deciding When & How to Humanely Euthanize a Companion Animal Very good article about what to look for, how to assess, and stories that others share.

How to Care For an Older Dog: Detect, treat, (or prevent?) canine "cognitive dysfunction syndrome." -- Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS), a condition quite similar to Alzheimer's in humans. CDS happens when the aging process affects brain pathology, resulting in behavioral changes, including cognitive decline (memory and learning).

Drips Dried Don't give up; your dog's urinary incontinence can be cured.


Thyroid Problems

Understanding thyroid (in humans)

Thyroid and Aggression: It does mix!
There are many, many symptoms - not just the hair loss, skin problems and weight gain.

Canine Hypothyroidism: Frequently Asked Questions Diagnosing and Treating Underactive Thyroid Problems in Dogs

Hypothyroid dog

Diabetes in Dogs

Study seeking biomarkers of canine diabetes, other diseases
CHAMPAIGN, IL -- Even as the genetic blueprint for Shadow the poodle was being completed in Maryland, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign had been engaged in a long-term study that they hope will add functional gene information to the dog genome as well as benefit both canine and human health.

Veterinary Q & A: Pancreatitis in Dogs and Cats Answers many questions about this subject

Cataracts in Diabetic Dogs
Most diabetic dogs will develop cataracts and go blind. This FAQ can assist the owners of diabetic dogs in knowing what to expect and in decision-making regarding cataract surgery.

Arthritis in Pets

Arthritis in dogs- explaination of what it is, and what you can do.

Giving Aspirin to Your Dog If your dog has chronic pain or inflammation, common aspirin can often be used to give your pet some relief.

Give dogs alfalfa tabs crunched up in thier food! Apple Cider Vinegar seems to help some too. Try some amalaki juice in with the food. Use some TTouch massage. Visit a chiropracter for dogs. Feed a raw diet. 1/2-3/4 tsp Blackstrap Molasses wrapped in a small piece of bread once a day.
Ideas found on EarthClinic website

Epilepsy Resources and
First Aid, Seizures

Understanding Your Pet's Epilepsy Epilepsy simply refers to repeated seizures . Seizures may occur as a one time event in an animal from a variety of causes , but only if the seizures repeat again and again over a period of time do we call it epilepsy.

Managing Epileptic Dogs Epilepsy can be classified as idiopathic or symptomatic.

How to Pack a First Aid Kit for Pets: Keep a first aid kit for your pet accessible at home or in your car when traveling. Gathering the necessary items ahead of time could help save your pet's life in an emergency.

Epilepsy links and diets

Canine Idiopathic Epilepsy: Seizures are the most common neurologic symptom seen by small animal veterinarians. They can be caused either by problems inside the brain, or outside.

Canine Seizures: Good summaries on various medications

Seizure First Aid : throw a heavy blanket over the patient and, if possible, hold him in a position to avoid self-inflicted damage...

First Aid for Dogs loads of links to specific areas

Using an ice pack to stop canine seizures-- There are some indications that applying an ice pack to the lower spine during a seizure lessens its effects. So far, the evidence is anecdotal but, as with ocular compression, the technique is worth trying.

Cancer in dogs

Riddle of infectious dog cancer solved A mysterious contagious cancer which plagues dogs throughout the world may be the first truly transmittable cancer known, a new study suggests.

Out of the Earth -- Herbal Parasite Cleanse for Dogs with Cancer

Cancer in the Canine This will take the reader from early cellular events to risk factors leading to the development of cancer; from the newest methods for detection and staging of disease to diagnosis of some of the more common cancers affecting the canine; from conventional forms of therapy to new breakthroughs and clinical trials with novel treatments aimed at eradicating these malignancies in the dog.

Dogs play host to world's oldest cancer The direct descendants of a cancer that first afflicted a single wolf between 250 and 1000 years ago are still spreading from dog to dog

Doggie Noses: Cancer Detectors?
CBS -- There are few things as sensitive as a dog's nose and there are plenty of uses for it, from search and rescue to sniffing for bombs or drugs.

The Veterinary Cancer Society was formed in 1974 by an interested group of veterinary oncologists.

Gastric Torsion

Bloat - The Mother of All Emergencies
A serious, life-threatening emergency. Learn to recognize the signs to get your dog to the vet’s in time to possibly save its life.

First-Aid for Bloat (Gastric Dilatation/Volvulous)

How do you recognise your dog is suffering from bloat /gastric torsion?

This research came out of a five year study funded by the American Kennel Club's Canine Health Foundation and several Parent Clubs.

What DOES NOT appear to influence the risk of bloat:

* Moistening the food
* Exercise before or after ...mealtime
* Change of weather
* Stress (more on this below)
* Unrestricted access to ...water.before or after meals

What DOES APPEAR to increase risk of bloat

* Increased age
* Having a first degree relative who has bloated (offspring 4X the risk, siblings 3X therisk, parents 1.5X the risk)
* Deep, narrow, thorax/ ...abdomen
* Underweight
* Feeding once a day
* Fearful, easily upset dogs
* Raising the food bowl
* Rapid eaters

The one factor consistently cited as lowering the risk of bloat was having a personality the owner described as "happy". Lyn

Tail Docking

An article on why working gundogs have their tails docked written by Margaret Cotton

How to fix a broken tail?

To fix a simple broken tail, use a chopstick or a pencil. Tape the pencil to the tail above the break and below it. Replace the pencil if it breaks or falls off. Spray it with an effective chewing deterrent.

The heavier the splint you use, the more likely it will draw the attention of the dog and be something they will lick, chew, or otherwise worry about. So stick to lightweight materials such as chopsticks.

Dogs do not seem to have a lot of sensation in their tails under normal conditions, so a broken bone in a tail isn't as sensitive as a break in a toe.

Breaks can be SO painless that the owner doesn't even notice that the tail is broken until it heals slightly crooked.If a tail gets crushed, like in a car door, or skinned in some unfortunate accident, then yes, I would expect that to be painful and considerably more difficult to heal. Stacy Pober


Worms, fleas, parasites

Are you using Frontline? You might like to read this report "The Reconsideration of Approvals and Registrations Relating to Fipronil Review Scope document

Don't become complacent about parasites Zoonosis (What the heck does that mean??)

Love May Not Be the Only Thing in Your Dog's Heart Heartworms - What You Should Know

NB: NZ doesn't have heartworm

Having a problem finding the right shampoo for your dog? Try the wool mix from Country Homestead -s ph neutral & phosphate free. eucalyptus - low sudsing Thanks Sandy

A NATURAL Fly Repellant

2 cups vinegar, 1 cup Avon Skin So Soft, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp. Eucalyptus oil, 1 tbsp citronella oil.
Put in a spray bottle and spray dog's coat.

Also putting apple cider vinegar in the dog's water will help. (webmaster swears by apple cider. Not a flea on him)

However, feeding a dog garlic or brewers yeast repels fleas. There is no scientific evidence supports these claims, and garlic eaten in quantity can in fact be harmful.

Another natural flea repellent

We live in flea and tick heaven here ... and have never, never, ever seen a flea or tick on our dogs or cats. Hope this helps someone:Take a BIG fat lemon (the more rind the better) and slice it paper thin.   
Put in a bowl with a tablespoon of crushed rosemary leaves (or a 6 inch sprig of fresh).
Pour over with a quart of hot, near boiling water. Let steep overnight.
Strain and put into a large spray bottle.
Keep in fridge. Shake well before applying.

The d-lemeone in this spray along with the rosemary oil will give your dog a beautiful shiny coat and  keep fleas and other bugs away .. including mosquitoes, so you get extra    heartworm protection.
If your dog has dry skin or allergies add a teaspoon of tea tree oil and a tablespoon of Aloe pulp.
Use the spray at least twice a week to keep the scent on the coat to repel bugs, and spray it around your doors and through the carpets.
If it's a bad flea time, spray daily on the belly and feet to repel them. This has worked wonders for us for many years. Not only for the dogs,    but for us when we go hiking or walking in the woods. No bug will get near this stuff. And, of course, it's all natural.

PS. All natural doesn't necessarily = safe. If your dog is on meds check with your vet. Also, if you have an epileptic dog I would avoid it due to the rosemary.

Pica behaviour

Acral lick dermatitis (ALD), also known as lick granuloma or canine neurodermatitis is a stereotypic behaviour resulting in self- mutilation. Pacing or excessive grooming are common types of stereotypies seen in domestic or captive animals.

Is your dog licking a spot over and over? If it's not out of boredome, perhaps look for medical reasons

Pica Behaviour in the Adult Dog A common problem in dogs is the ingestion of unnatural objects such as candy wrappers, toilet paper, or socks.

What on Earth Are Anal Sacs? Anal sacs (also called anal glands) are two small glands just inside your pet's anus. The material secreted into these glands is thick and foul smelling. Most animals can empty these glands voluntarily for scent marking or in self-defense, like a skunk might.

Veterinarians and Research An archive of Dr Suzanne Stack's most requested articles about greyhounds.

HFL is the UK's pre-eminent sports drug surveillance and pharmaceutical contract research organisation.

Int. Veterinary Information Service
Outstanding Cornell University-sponsored site which commissions books and articles on all aspects of Veterinary Science which are freely available to read and download.

National Library of Medicine PubMed is the National Library of Medicine's search service that provides access to over 11 million citations in the Medical and Veterinary Fields. Free to access and an essential up-to-date literature searching tool.

Columbia Animal Hospital library

Listing all vets in New Zealand

New Zealand Veterinary Journal
A new site launched which hosts the complete archive of the NZ Vet Journal (all 50 years) and will soon host other archives of NZ veterinary content including the conference proceedings and occasional publications of the NZ Vet Association Companion Animal Society. This wealth of NZ science is fully indexed and searchable.

The History of Homeopathy in NZ

NZ dog owners interested in holistic dog health & diet. Discussions include fresh food and bones diets, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropractic, neurolink etc.

Calming your dog

Do you have a nervous dog that needs calming?
Rescue remedy, kava kava (used in the short term has a distinct caling effect on the nervous system but its long term use is discouraged because of changes that begin to be noticed in the skin and liver. ) valerian, pet calm, are all calming natural remedies. Also works great for people.

"Use 7 drops in the ear leather and then also in themouth. You can use it several times as only what is needed in the dog's body will be used.

If there is severe stress, you should have a vet workup, he might recommend a valium like product, clomicalm or something of that nature."
Sheena Melone

Canine massage & Stretching: This teaches you how to massage your dog.

Canine massage & stretching -

Linda Tellington-Jones, T-Touch system Comprehensive website....

Listening to Whispers- Edie Jane visits NZ every couple of years to deliver TTouch workshops. Excellent!


From New Zealand Veterinarians Association
Most puppies and kittens will be given a series of vaccines containing core antigens starting at 6-8 weeks of age and finishing at 12-16 weeks of age
followed by a booster at 12-16 months of age.
o From this point many core vaccines will protect for longer than a year and some vaccines are registered for 2 or 3 yearly revaccination intervals.

Vaccinating Your Own Dog: What You Should Know

Prevaccination Protection Dr. Falconer DVM explains how to protect your animal from vaccines damage

Treatment to help animals recover from bad vaccine reaction Vaccinations: All Veterinary Schools in North America Changing Vaccination Protocols

Vaccinosis and inflammatory bowel disease: epidemic of pet inflammatory bowel disease

The message currently coming from various Veterinary experts and Universities is that vaccine boosters generally need only be given three yearly.

Vaccination is a contraversial topic for animals and for humans. Find out why?

Trimming Nails
The key is a bit at a time. Leave the clippers next to him one whole evening while you pet and play with him. Occasionally touch them, but don't pick them up. Gradually work up to holding them but not using them. Later maybe put some peanut butter on them and let him lick it off the clippers. Or balance a treat on there. Change his 'tude about the clippers.

Later you'll touch his toes with the clippers but not do anything. Then work up to clipping the air near his toes, without really clipping. After a while you should have a dog that will accept clipping.

Another alternative is maybe using a cordless Dremel tool. Many dogs find that less problematic than that sharp CLICK of the clippers./ Kellie

Google Sniff & Fetch

General Dog Care

The Hole Diggers Club (NZ) Dog Health & Fitness including Animal Energy Medicine & Aromatherapy.
(NZ) Great Treats for Great Mates (NZ) Qualified Canine Massage Therpist
Specialised K9 Rehabilitation & Natural Dog Goodies

Karmak9 Dog Massage in NZ. Therapeutic, Remedial and Preventative Massage for healthier, happier, well adjusted dogs for all dogs, all breeds, all ages

Safe Canine Weight Loss Tips Slim dogs live longer and healthier lives than overweight dogs so follow our safe weight-loss tips.

Holistic Canine Healthcare - online lecture series A three part series (run over consecutive weeks) available to view at your own convenience in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. Check the website for details.

Stone Group Laser Technologies (NZ) Laser Therapy for Small Animals and Horses in New Zealand

Cotswold (NZ) Animal Therapy

Pet Health 101 Interesting collection of articles

Suzanne Clothier on keeping your dog fit -- in your backyard (you need to be logged into her site- free of charge)

Animal welfare: See things from their perspective The human tendency to anthropomorphise means we miss out on animals' real feelings and needs, with the result that we often provide them with inappropriate housing and medical care.

Hydropaws (NZ) Canine Hydrotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre Canine Boarding Kennels

Nose bleeds: The problem is that there are many causes and not all of them are localized to the nose and many are very serious diseases.
[good site about many medical problems]

Car Sickness-- instead of doping him up

A young man bathing a dog owned by the Reynell family.
State Library of South Australia
Bathing Dog
Dog's at the washing line Young girl and dog in backyard. Washing on the line
State Library of Victoria

Quality of Life Scale Helps Make Final Call-- This may be a little morbid, but it's probably useful to read sometime you can, because eventually we all have to make a decision about ending an old or ailing dog's life. It's the curse that comes with the diamond

Is Your Dog’s Prostate Making Him Prostrate?

Vets and Examinations

Going to the vets? Do you have a nervous dog? some tips you can do to help calm him...

You, Your Dogs, and Eye: An Examination of Eye Screening

How to Give Pets Oral Medication: A spoonful of sugar might be worth a shot in getting your pet to ingest a needed pill, but here's a more successful trick to help the medicine go down (OR, just put in some dog roll!)

Whelping Box Plans

Some sketches

Building a Whelping Box The Easy Way

Perennial's Whelping Box Plans

Printable whelping chart Yet another superb convenience from the amazing Chinaroad Lowchens site

Pet Insurance

PET INSURANCE: THE REAL STORY. Every day I am asked about pet health insurance. Is it worth it? How much is it? Does it pay to get it, or is it just a sham? What does it cover? All very pertinent questions.

Feet: paws, pads, claws

Dew Claws! Should you remove them or shouldn't you? This article is by Fred Lanting, a behaviouralist, trainer, judge, and author.

Do your dogs often get cracked pads ?
"Bag Balm" is an antiseptic product for cows' chapped teats, but lots of horse people use it on scratches and abrasions and cracked chestnuts on their horses

Bag Balm comes in a tin (you'll only need a really small one -- a little goes a long way) and is a very thick, waxy substance so that it can be rubbed in but won't rub off too easily (since it's on the toe, the hard part is keeping the product on).
The tin I have says it contains "8 Hydroxy Quinoline Sulfate 0.3% in a
petrolatum, lanolin base". It reminds me of a healing lip balm. -- by Katie Cane

Knees, Bones and Body

Alternatives to Knee Surgery It is good to know that you surgery isn't the bee all and end all of your dog's knee problem.

Veterinary Anatomy learn with pictures... real pictures!

Canine Dental Anatomy (nice pictures if the google ads were left out!)

Canine Lameness Learning Module
Don't miss this one. Super animation to show differences in gait for normal dog, dyplastic one, and one with a torn cruciate. You can specify walking, trotting, or using stairs, and different perspectives (side, front, rear, above), normal or slow motion

Dog Sterilisation

Contraceptive vaccine temporarily sterilises dogs (New Scientist)
The jab renders a dog infertile for at least six months, but critics say spaying or neutering should still be the first choice

Canine False Pregnancy
We get a lot of questions about female dogs having their menstrual periods. In fact, the menstrual cycle is a primate phenomenon; dogs have an estrus cycle that includes a period of false pregnancy. This false pregnancy or “pseudocyesis” can get out of control, lasting for weeks with the dog producing milk and sometimes mothering a soft toy.

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