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A list of all sorts of dog training clubs around New Zealand on the left. On the right column is a list of articles and information about how to 'talk' to other doggies people.

NZKC Calendar of Events. See what's happening in your region this year. NZ-Wide Dog Events- sponsored by Doglinks

Please be aware that Doglinks TRIES TO contact all clubs for updates.

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Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs
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Forums for
dog lovers

The Race Café The place to chat about racing, make contact with other racing enthusiasts, find information, play games and have fun. New Zealand.

A place to discuss issues around Blind Dogs Mighty Mite Small Dog Sports Forum (International - but based in U.S.)
International message board for all who own and/or train dogs under 16 inches at the shoulder. Covers training techniques, training theory and all dog sports, including but not limited to, agility, conformation, disc dog/frisbee, flyball, obedience, tracking and lovers


for NZ dog lovers

Leeburg Forum: well used discussion boardDiscussion about

NZAgility on Yahoo groups

Flygility is a dog sport that mixes elements of agility and flyball. Join a discussion group

NZ dog owners listserve interested in holistic dog health & diet

Specific BREED Listserves:
For a list of listserve dedicated to your breed, go to the Breeder's Pages.

Here is a sample:
Golden Retriever's Listserve
Boxer Yahoo group Listserve

Click to Calm e-mail list
From Emma Parsons, author of Click to Calm: Healing the Aggressive Dog. For those of you with obdurately troubled dogs, this list -- and Emma's book -- may be helpful.

Other places for
dog lovers
includes blogs

LiveChat with with dog experts!

The Dog Lobby Information and resources to help us lobby for a better deal for dogs.


Whangarei Dog Training Association Update July 2009
The Domestic Course classes are all new and our club is now encouraging positive/motivational training.
PO Box 269, Whangarei. 0101
Phone: 09 432 2513
E-mail: office[AT]



Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Akarana Dog Obedience & Agility ClubUpdate June 2013
P O Box 57-081, Owairaka, Auckland 3 1003 .
Rosemarie Baker.  email secretary [AT] 

All Breeds Dog Training Club Update August 2009
All Breeds Dog Training Club, 140 Captain Springs Road, Onehunga, Auckland.
PO Box 22-589, Otahuhu. Phone : 0-9-576 8700
Ann Florian, jovee (AT)

Auckland Canine Agility Club Update Sept 2011
See Map for directions

Marianne Hornburg
Email: windsong93 [AT] nz
Training held at Waikaraka Park, Onehunga on Friday nights.

East Auckland Dog Obedience Club Update Apri 2010
Trainings are held outside the old Flat Bush School building on the corner of Flat Bush School Road and Murphys Road (an indoor venue is used during the winter months).
Contact person: Sue Melling susan_melling[AT]
Email Sue for information regarding our Puppy, Domestic or Obedience Competition Classes.

Hibiscus Coast Dog Training Club Update July 2012
Dog obedience and agility training
Western Reserve, Hibiscus Coast Highway, Orewa (next to the Youth Centre)
Contact phone number: 09 426 3994
The clubs contact person: Lizz Lowans lowansfamily [AT]

Counties Dog Training Club Update April 2008
Counties Dog Training Club was founded in 1975. We are based in Pukekohe and train at the Franklin A&P Showgrounds.
Contact: Secretary, PO Box 862 Phone: 09 232 8626
Email dodiandjb (AT)

North Shore Dog Training Club Update December 2012
Training for dogs from 4 months in general obedience. competitive obedience, agility, flygility and tricks.  We are based in Greenhithe.
PO Box 184, Greenhithe, North Shore City 0756
Phone number: 09 413 8670 or email sec.nsdtc[AT]

NorWest Dog Training Club Update August 2012
Located in Kumeu. Offering at both fun and competitive levels, Obedience, (including Rally O and puppy classes), Agility, Flygility and a children’s class.
"The Secretary" PO Box 717, Kumeu, 0841

Manukau Dog Training Club - Update February 2013
 c/o NZ Kennel Club, 743 Papakura-Clevedon Rd, Ardmore
Phone :  0274 824 541
Email : maree1 (AT)

Mangawhai Dog Training Club Update July 2009
A friendly helpful atmosphere. 727 State Highway One
R D 5, Wellsford Rodney District, Auckland
Phone : 09 423 7666
Email: dogtalk [AT]

Auckland..............Breed, Toy, Gundog Clubs

The Poodle Club (inc)
Updated July 2010

 Established  50 years of caring for the Poodle. hows, walks, rescue  poodle owners welcome reg with New Zealand Kennel Club (Auckland)
Contact: Karen Graham
Phone number: 09 4196210
Email: wildwind [ AT]

Airedale Terrier Club Update April 2008
Mrs Kerrie Hunter, 36 Northall Road, New Lynn, Auckland
Phone : 09-827 2153

NZ United Schutzhund Club Update September 2009
Providing training and competing for the dogsport of 'Schutzhund': Tracking, Obedience and Protection
PO Box 120, Silverdale 0944, Auckland
Contact: Sean Foster 029 - 427 4980

The Auckland Chihuahua Club Updated August 2010
A breed club catering for all chihuahua fanciers north of Taupo, we hold one or two championship shows each year and several ribbon parades. We are member club of The New Zealand Kennel Club.
Contact Cheryl McKay, President,
levans [AT]
Phone: 09 832 1144

North Auckland Gundog Club Update August 2008
The North Auckland Gundog Club promotes gundogs and gundog trials and holds championships in the Auckland area. It assists new gundog owners in training their dogs for both hunting field trials. It encourages responsible dog ownership and invites you to join a gundog club whether or not you are a hunter.
Ring: 09 412-5579 Email: gundogclub [AT]

Auckland Provincial German Shepherd Dog League-
Update August 2008

Courses for puppy socialising, obedience, agility and show training
This is a german shepherd dog club who runs puppy soc, obedience and
show training classes on Sundays, with obedience and agility on Thursday
evenings for just an easier to manage dog or for those interested in
All enquiries to Kay on 09 266 0133
Email: secretary [ AT]

The Terrier Club Update April 2008
Mrs Fran Hill, 47 Attwood Road, Albany, Auckland
Phone : 09-413 9060
Email : dlfh (AT)

Golden Retriever Club Inc Updated August 2009
Puppy or Rehome inquiries please phone our Liaison Officer :  09 575 9230
Secretary: Penny Campbell Ph: 09 535 5065 or
email: pcampbell [AT]

Auckland Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Donna Tolladay, 16 Bunnythorpe Road, Papakura, South Auckland
Phone : 09 298 5132
Email : hugapug (AT)

Auckland & Regions German Shorthaired Pointer Club Update Aug 09
Club holds a fun walks in Cornwall park 1st sunday of the month 10am meet at the observitory, as well as Field trials, Ribbon parades, Champ show & Trials, Training days, Club Newsletter and GSP Rescue/rehome.
PO Box 21 351, Waitakere City
Contact: Gail Blankley johngailblankley (AT)
(09) 8323734 or (021) 624 125

Whippet Club New Zealand Updated September 2008
The Whippet Club New Zealand information.
President: Merle Powley shenkhan (AT)

Versatile Hunting Dog Test Assn (NZ) Updated September 2008
Testing of pups and older versatile gundogs for inherent hunting abilities. Contact: Margaret Cotton margaretc (AT)

Auckland.........Working Clubs, and Dog Associations

NZ Sheep Dog Trial Association

Zone One Working Trials Club Update April 2008
Rena Shaw, 4 Shoal Bay Road, Devonport, Auckland
Phone: 09 445 0138
Email: Serenas (AT)

Auckland Kennel Council Update April 2008
Jill Brooker, PO Box 533, Drury, Auckland
Phone: 07 867 5542
Email: bayparque (AT)

Franklin Kennel Association Update April 2008
Mrs W Garvey, PO Box 113, Clevedon, South Auckland
Phone: 09 292 8999
Email : w.garvey (AT)

Kumeu Kennel Association Update April 2008
Mrs L Bray, PO Box 563, Drury, South Auckland
Phone : 0-9-294 9039
Email : dachi (AT)

North Shore Kennel Association Update April 2008
Fran Hill, 47 Attwood Road, Albany, Auckland
Phone : 0-9-413 9060
Email : dlfh (AT)

Hauraki Canine Association Update April 2008
Pam Peters, 2339 Bucklands Rd RD4, Tuakau, Franklin Country
Phone : 0-9-236 8086
Email : allegro.peters (AT)

Ladies Kennel Association Update April 2008
Mrs R Hubrich, P O Box 452, Kumeu
Phone : 0-9-420 8575
Email : alquist (AT)

Hibiscus Coast Kennel Association Update April 2008
Catherine Anderson, P O Box 476, Silverdale, Auckland
Phone : 09-426 3698
Email : markcath (AT)

Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs
Tracking Information
and articles

Visit this wonderful resource of Geoff Stern. List of books on tracking, regulations, equipment, etc. Excellent websites to visits...

Great tracking articles:
How to Lay a Track - for Beginner
How to Lay a Track Run a Track Tracking - What You Will Need

A Tracking Tale The Little Assassin scores a touchdown

Tracking hints from U.S. Police Canine Assn
Tracking a Lost Dog?

"Now and then, someone seeking a lost dog contacts a tracking club or
SAR group in hopes it can help find the dog. However, tracking dogs and search dogs are trained to ignore, not seek, other dogs. Here, from the Lenape Tracking Club in NJ, are some hints on how to find a lost dog" from Geoff Stern

The Tracking Line is a Means of Communication Between You and Your Dog - Not Just a Rope Do you want to know more about tracking?

heaps of article here

Only the NOSE really KNOWS a tracking perspective by Armin WinklerOh,

What a Fine Tracking Morning


Blood Tracking Using dogs to help find wounded animals is an old technique that has its origin in Europe. But in North America also, dogs were used by the early white inhabitants to find wounded big game.

The Audible Nose: Training Your Newfoundland to Track* by Judi Adler


Cambridge Dog Obedience Club Update August 2012
Contact details: cdocdogs [AT]
Contact is Kylie: 07 888 9279 or 021 072 7114
Class enquiries to Holly - hollykieran [AT] or phone 07 872 8091

Hamilton Dog Obedience Club Update December 2011
Carla Merrie HDOC Secretary
HDOC, PO Box 8033, Urlich, Hamilton 3245
email: secretary [AT]
Ring: 07 834 2025

Waikato Canine Obedience Club Update August 2009
PO Box 10-255 Te Rapa Hamilton Ph: 07 849 1502.
Contact: Head Trainer - Sherie Draper -- Waikato.k9 (AT)
We train on Tuesday nights from 6.30pm at Bristol Park, Bristol Place, Te Rapa, Hamilton.
We train all ages and breeds and offer different levels of training from puppy through to advanced or competition. The cost are $15.00 membership (paid once a year) then $50.00 training fee per term.

Waikato Agility Group Update November 2010
Bring out the Wonder Dog in your Family Pet.
Agility is a fun sport for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and a great way of having fun with your 'Best Friend'. For more information contact:
Contact: Emily Stead
Email: enrolment [AT]

  Waikato. Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Waikato Gundog Club - Update October 2009 We hold regular training for working and trialling gundogs - all abilities welcome.  The club promotes responsible breeding of registered and tested gundogs.
Ring: 07 826 7525
Contact person: Helen Sansome dickieontour[AT]

Central Toy Dog Association Update April 2008
Mrs Heather Christieson, 283 Ryburn Road, R D 3, Ohaupo, Waikato
Phone : 07-823 6068

Waikato & Districts Collie Club Update Dec 2011
WDCC caters for the four breeds of collie in NZ. Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Rough Collie and the Smooth Collie. The Club welcomes questions on anything to do with the collie. The Club covers a wide area from Huntly to Taupo and everything in between.
Contact: Kathryn Debenham debenhams [AT]
Phone number: 07 543 2428

Odessa German Shorthaired Pointers
Kennels for German Short Haired Pointers located in Hamilton. John and Michael George jmg.odessa(AT)
This is a club that holds field trials and training sessions for those interested in trialing their gundogs of the Pointer and Setter Breeds. A newsletter is published four times a year and trials are held outside the shooting season with the major trial circuit being run in Northland.
Contact: Secretary - Robin Gaskin irishsetter (AT)

Zone Two Trials Training Club Update April 2008
Contact: Sue Williams, 129 Waipa heights Rd, R D 1,
Ngaruawahia 021 100 2390
Email : suewill (AT)

Taupo area
Mt Maunganui
Bay of Plenty

Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs
Eastern Bay of Plenty Dog Obedience Club Update Jan 2010
Postal Address: PO Box 189, Whakatane
Jason Hughes Work: 07 323 7239 Home: 07 322 9224
Contact: Una Forrester bellshill [AT]
Phone: 073156774

Mount Maunganui Dog Training Club Update Agust 2009
Jan Murden, 221 Valley Road, Mount Maunganui 3002,
Joan Bunton, Secretary
Email: joanandjade [at]

Rotorua Dog Obedience Club Update Sept 2008
Contact Steve Chester 07 3325562
Location - Karenga Park, Bennets Rd, Rotorua
Email: sec_rdoc [AT]

Taupo Canine Obedience Club Update August 2010
Liz Wallace , P O Box 624, Taupo 2730, (07)-378 3975
Email: taupok9obclub [AT]

Tauranga Dog Training Club. Update Feb 2011
Home obedience, puppy classes and Agility Training
Morland Fox Park, Tauranga
The clubs contact person: Shelley Clark
Email: shelley.clark [AT]
Phone number: 07 576 96 86

Tokoroa Dog Training Club Update June 2013
Tokoroa Dog Training Club is run by a group of friendly people, who like you have a passion for their 4 legged friends, and enjoy working and playing with them.
Contact person: Danielle Morris (Secretary) - Club Secretary
Address: PO Box 621, Tokoroa
Phone number: 02108119734
Email tokoroa.dogclub [AT]

Hawkes Bay

Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Central Hawkes Bay Dog Training Club Update August 2009
We are entirely clicker training.
Olwyn Johnston
phone 06 8589881
Email: CHBDTC [AT]

Hawkes Bay Dog Training Club Update Feb 2011
Secretary: Heather McGrannachan, P O Box 2530, Stortford Lodge, Hastings
Phone:  06 8794138 , Email: hbdtc [AT]

Gisborne Dog Training Club Update September 2008
61A Chalmers Road, Gisborne 3801,
Amerillis Farmer - apfarmer (AT)
Erin Maule  - mauled (AT)

Napier Dog Training Club Update December 2011
All levels of Agility, Flygility, Obedience, Rally-O and Canine Good Citizen
Contact person: Celina Lovejoy (Secretary)
Address: P.O. Box 7114, Marewa, Napier
Phone: 06 8444929
Email: napierdtc [AT]

H.Bay Gsbrn, Npr......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Zone Two Trials Training Club - Working Trials Update Aug 07
(Trials does include tracking, along with obedience, jumps, stays and sendaways) No contact details

Hawkes Bay Terrier Club Update April 2008
Mona Fulton, 704 A Duke Street, Hastings, Hawkes Bay
Phone : 0-6-876 6225
Email : monafulton (AT)

NZ United Schutzhund Club Update September 2009
Providing training and competing for the dogsport of 'Schutzhund': Tracking, Obedience and Protection
PO Box 120, Silverdale 0944, Auckland
Contact Theresa on 027 - 4784364

Heretaunga Plains Toy Dog Society Update April 2008
Mrs Avis Blackburn, 77 Hillary Crescent, Maraenui, Napier
Phone : 0-6-843 8310

NZ Sheep Dog Trial Association National Promotions Officer, NZ Sheep Dog Trial Association, Post: 200 Campbell Road, Ngatapa, RD 2, Gisborne, New Zealand Ph: 646 863 9815, Fax: 646 863 9515


Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs
Hawera Dog Training Association Update Feb 2010
haweradogtraining (AT)

North Taranaki Dog Training Club. Update May 2011
Dog training and event club in New Plymouth for New Plymouth and surrounding areas. P O Box 518, New Plymouth 4601
Phone number: 06 755 3382
Contact person Paula Robertson,
Email: ntdtcinc [AT]

Taranaki area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

The North Island Bull Terrier Club Update August 2010
Lynda Fulton (Secretary)
P O Box 130
09 233 4410
bullyclub [AT]

Taranaki Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Mrs B Hancock, 4 Flint Road, Stratford, Taranaki
Phone : 0-6-765 6471


Palmston North

Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Feilding Dog Training Club Update Nov 2010
Linda Guinness, Secretary, P O Box 465, Feilding 4702
Tel 0-6-323 2228 Mobile 027 44 88 000 email: linda [AT]

Horowhenua Obedience Dog Training Club Update Sept 2008
Contact person - Helen Pitcher, PO Box 163, Levin 5510, Club Secretary,

Tararua Allbreeds Dog Training Club Update Sept 2008
C/- Robyn How, Masterton Road, R D 3, Woodville 5473, (06)-376 4955 P/F

Wanganui Dog Obedience Club Update Sept 2008
Hanneke Couperus, Secretary , P O Box 4223, Wanganui 5031, (06)-344 7626,

PN area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

NZ United Schutzhund Club Update September 2009
Providing training and competing for the dogsport of 'Schutzhund': Tracking, Obedience and Protection
Simon on 06 - 367 0358

Wanganui Toy Dog Centre Update April 2008
Penny Ward, 11 Stewart Street, Aramoho, Wanganui
Email : glomarpugs (AT)

Manawatu Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Mrs Lynne McIndoe, 15 Eggletons Road, RD 5, Feilding
Phone : (06)329-2590
Email : mcindoe (AT)

Central Terrier Club Update April 2008
Mr G Whitfield, P O Box 120, Paraparaumu
Phone : 06 364 6637 P/F
Email : geoffwhitfield (AT)

Zone 3 Trials Training Club - Working Trials Update April 2008
Rosemary Cleator, 145 Gladstone Road, R D 1, Levin (06)-368 9833
Email: r_jcleator (AT)

Yahoo Groups discussion

Lower Hutt
Upper Hutt


Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Wairarapa Dog Obedience Club Update September 2008
Sharleen Drummond, PO Box 24, Carterton 5743. 
Ph. 06 370 8838 EMAIL: dairyfarmer[AT]
For class bookings:  Joan Gibbs Ph. 06 377 7007 j.gibbs [AT]

Kapiti Dog Training Club updated August 2010
Secretary Ani McManaway Ph 027 555 5662 / 04 905 6187.
Training Co ordinator; Lynne Olsen Ph 027 248 3373 /04 298 9752.
Clubroom Ph no 04 298 2057
Email farben [AT]

Central All breeds Dog Training School Update April 08
Phone: 04 385 6282 Lynn Krebs

Titahi Bay Canine Obedience Club Update June 2010
P O Box 50 467, Porirua, Wellington
Phone: 04-477 6369
Email geoff-collins [AT]

Upper Hutt Dog Training School Update May 2011
A family friendly Dog Training Club offering classes in Domestic Training, Competitive Obedience, Agility, and NZKC Rally-O
Railway Ave, Upper Hutt
Email: jend [AT]
Contact: Jenny Dickinson 04 971-1335

Wellington Canine Obedience Club Updated August 2009
Contact:  Mary Schneider Phone (04) 934 5304.
Email:  blackbuffy [AT]

Dog Agility Wellington Group (DAWG) Update Sept 2009
Louise Williams 157 Fitzherbert Road Wainuiomata Phone 04 564 4668 or 021 263 8339 email: louise.williams(AT)

Avalon Dog Training Club (ADTC) Update Sept 2008
Dog training and socialisation for puppies to adult dogs and for all handlers young and old. Club established 1976 - 30 plus years helping Hutt families have happy times with happy dogs. Training on Monday evenings.
Address: PO Box 31 224 Lower Hutt / Carter Street, Belmont Domain, Lower Hutt
Phone number: 04 565 1258
Email: sloan [AT]

Wltn area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Tracking Club in Wellington Part of the Zone 3 Trials Training Club
contact Rosemary Cleator r_jcleator(AT)

The Beagle Club (NZ) based in Wellington. Contact: Alice Collard

Wellington Welsh Corgi Walking Club Update December 2011
Pure bred Corgi welfare which includes advice on the training, care and management of Corgis; regular (monthly) Corgi walks and social outings; Corgi rescue and rehoming;lists of breeders.
Oraniser of the annual national Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi (oure-bred) agility champs.
Contact: Michael Romanos
Email: mjromanos [AT]
Phone number: 04 528 5861

Southern Cross Staffordshire Bull Terrier Society Update April 2008
Louise Blackwood, P O Box 13152, Johnsonville, Wellington
Phone : 04-478 9313

Kapiti Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Mrs M Sayles, 39 Clapham Street, Shannon
Phone : 0-6-362 7586
Email : saylesmerle(AT)

New Zealand Kennel Club (inc) Update Aug 08
Private Bag 50903, Porirua, Phone : 0-4-237 4489
Fax : 0-4-237-0721 Email : nzkc(AT)

Wellington Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Gwen Clark, 83 Flux Road, Mangaroa Valley, Upper Hutt
Phone : 04-526 7792 p/f
Email : gwen01(AT)


Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Blenheim Canine Obedience Club Update June 2012
Sorry, no details

Nelson Dog Training Club Update March 2009
Agility Coordinators - Karen Dunlea karen-brent [AT]
Linley Barrett lrbarrett [AT]
Obedience Coordinator - Phyllis Neame phyllis.neame [AT]
Secretary - Kathy Konieczny

Obedience Trials Association Update April 2008
Cees Zaalberg, 26A Martin Avenue, 7025 Wakefield, Nelson
phone: 03 541 9194
Email : ceeszaalberg(AT)

Blnhm, Nlsn area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Tracking Club around Nelson Part of the Obedience Trials Association Inc. Contact: Anne Routledge email: aroutledge(AT)

Tasman District Gundog Society Update Feb 2011
Based in Nelson/Tasman. Gundog club for those wishing to show, field trial, hunt and own a gundog.
122 Emano St, Nelson
Contact: Margaret Cotton mcotton [AT]
Phone number: 03 5480576

Versatile Hunting Dog Test Assn (NZ) Testing of pups and older versatile gundogs for inherent hunting abilities.
Contact: Margaret Cotton
Email: margaretc [AT]



Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Canterbury Canine Obedience Club Update Sept 2009
Contact person: Meredith Evans email cantycanine [AT]
Address P O Box 9085, Tower Junction, Christchurch
Located at Marylands Reserve, Addington, Christchurch
Obedience: Sundays
Agility: Thursday evenings

Canterbury Canine Agility Training Society CCATS Update July 2009
PO Box 21-198, Christchurch 8030
Email The Secretary canterburycats [AT]

Christchurch Dog Training Club Update Feb 2010
P O Box 24-231, Eastgate, Christchurch
President Joanne Hammond   03 327 3976
Secretary  Anne Readman   03 313 6770
Email: readman [AT]

Mid Canterbury Dog Training Club Inc. Update Aril 2014
We are a family friendly club that provide classes in domestic obedience, competition obedience, rally-o and agility.
Secretary : Stacey Stoddart,  P.O. Box 352 Ashburton 027 636 9733
Email: [AT]

Selwyn Dog Training Club Update Sept 2008
Janine Johnson, Secretary, 47 Kerrs Road, RD7 Christchurch. (03) 347 6474,
Email: selwyn_dtc(AT)

Waimakariri Dog Training Club Update April 2012
Agility Training Club for all levels and breeds.
Training held at "Rice Park" and is situated - Corner Tram & Heywards Road, Clarkville.
General Enquiries: Heather Hood - h.hood [AT]
Agility Enquiries: Anne Godfrey - paws.godfrey [AT]

Chch area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Australian Cattle Dog Club (NZ) Update February 2008
Address: 950 Shands Rd,  RD6, Christchurch
Phone number: 03 325 7675
Contact: Wendy Ruscoe Email: ruscoew(AT)

Tracking Club in Christchurch Contact Susan Sheppard sheppars(AT)

South Island German Shepherd League Update Aug 2009
Secretary - Shane Prendergast
PO Box 2133, Christchurch 8140
Ph (03)325 4661
Email - info [AT]

Canterbury Combined Terrier Club Update April 2008
Nicole Adams, P O Box 16839, Hornby, Christchurch
Phone : 03-342 4626
Email : cctc(AT) The

Canterbury Bull Terrier Club. Update April 2008
Contact: Mrs D Denson PO box 2650 CH CH
Phone : 03-318 4123
Email : didenson(AT)

*Waimate Kennel Society
Bobbie Davidson-Bruce 36 Andrew Street Ashburton Canterbury
Phone : 03-307 1106 Email : abercrombiekennels(AT)

Canterbury Kennel Association Update July 2009
Mrs J Dawson P O Box 100 Kaiapoi North Canterbury Phone : 0-3-327 8683
Email : jilldawson(AT)

Canterbury Toy Dog Society Update April 2008
Ms Jeanette Bryce, 45 Bayview Road, Chatteris Bay, R D 1, Lyttleton
Phone : 0-3-329 4318
Email : koreke(AT)

Southern Golden Retriever Club Update Aug 07
Club for golden Retriever owners.  Cater for showing, Obedience and Field Trials. Secretary Miriam Dobson.  email miriam_moorfield(AT)
Phone (03)3478 408)

South Canterbury

Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

South Canterbury Dog Training Club Update August 2009
Club for training Domestic and Competition Agility & Obedience
Springs  Road Gleniti, TIMARU
Contact: Brian Gollins 03 686-1814
Email: gollyz[AT]
Sth Canty area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs

Geraldine County Kennel Association Updated nov 2010
P O Box 65, Geraldine
Contact: Reece Smith, Secretary
Phone : 03-686 2858 P/F
Email : teehl [AT]





Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

North Otago Dog Training Club Update Sept 2009
Diane Perham, 21 Trent Street, Oamaru.
Email: maxinemurphy[AT]

Otago Canine Training Club - Update November 2010
Reece Smith, phone number is 03 487 WOOF
Email: secretary(AT)

Taieri Canine Training Club Update Sept 2008
Sallie Remon, 8 Viscount Road, Waldronville, Dunedin Phone: 08327TCTC (8282)
This club is based in the outskirts of Dunedin and offers all levels of dog obedience and agility, boasting numerous champions in both disciplines.
Contacts sallieremon[AT] or lealsam[AT]

Otago area......Breed, Toy, Gundog, Working Clubs
Otago Toy Dog Club Update April 2008
Sharon Ashby, 20 Abbotsford Road, Abbotsford, Dunedin
Phone : 0-3-488 5508
Email : Sharon_Ashby(AT)
Agility, Obedience and Dog Training Clubs

Southland Dog Training Club Update Sept 08
Contact Name:  Dawn McCracken
Phone: 03 217 32 94 or 027 262 60 66
Email: dawnmcc [AT]

** Gore & District Kennel Association Update Aug 06
Contact: Pauline Johnson
Phone : 0-3-203 3154 Email : tammara(AT)

Southland Kennel Association Update July 2009
Angela O'Callaghan,
Phone : 03 215 6207
Email: dawnmcc [AT]

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