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General information

The Animal Careers Comprehensive information and advice on working with animals in NZ. The NZ Directory of Animal Careers is available through this site.

Certification Council for Pet Dog Trainers

Assn of Pet Dog Trainers- Founded by Ian Dunbar and others. Tends to favor a pure positive approach and seems to be less rigorous in certification than NADOI.

Overseas Dog Schools

Animal Behavior Institute Become certified in animal behaviour, animal training or animal assisted therapy (pet therapy) through our online courses at the Animal Behavior Institute.

The Department of Animal Science at Cornell University has developed interactive distance-education courses on canine genetics that are intended for all dog enthusiasts. The courses are approximately eight weeks.

Become an animal behaviouralist online through the American Institute for Animal Science. " Our canine behavior specialization track, taught by university and clinical faculty in online virtual classrooms and regional ground-based workshops and behavior clinics, satisfies the theoretical and practical course requirements of the Board of Professional Certification of the Association of Companion Animal Behavior Counselors. "

The University College of the Cariboo, Canada (online) The Animal Welfare Certificate Program was initiated as a joint effort between the British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the University College of the Cariboo. The purpose of the program is to enable animal care workers and members of the public who wish to learn more about animal care and welfare a means of upgrading their knowledge via distance education. UCC will deliver this program using several communication methods. These methods involve computers, video production, and the standard printed page.


Editor's Note:
If anyone knows of any other institution that offers dog training, private or public, please email me
University Dog School

At Massey University, there is a extramural course called Principles of Canine Behaviour. This course is presented for people with dogs as owners, trainers or breeders or in other animal fields who wish to increase their understanding of domestic dog behaviour. They have people from a number of fields doing this paper including Guide Dog Services staff and Police dog handlers.

The course provides a scientific basis of canine behaviour at a first-year University level. At the end of the year if you pass you get a certificate of completion sent to you and you get a grade for the year.

There is another course called Canine Health and Husbandry.

If you call 0800 MASSEY the people there will be able to give you information explaining the various degrees and courses.

NZ Dog Schools

National Certificate in Veterinary Nursing & Certificate in Animal Care and Training

Southern Institute of Technology
Dog Husbandry,
Ongoing rolling enrolments are accepted for all community programmes. Cost: FREE!!

This community course is a taster for dog enthusiasts or those that are curious about our canine friends. We will be covering topics such as:

Dog breeds - their original uses and what they are used for today
– table scraps vs balanced food is there a difference?
Worms and fleas – is it necessary to treat for these parasites?
How to handle and approach a dog correctly and minimise the chances of being bitten
What does a healthy dog looks like and signs they may show indicating that they are sick

Further study options on site at Southern Institute of Technology, Invercargill campus. Call 0800 SIT 2 LRN (0800 748 257)

Certificate of Captive Wild Animals Read the article about this certificate!

Certificate in Animal Management
Unitec New Zealand: Natural Sciences
offers Animal Welfare, Canine Behaviour and Training, Captive Wild Animals, Veterinary Nursing
Vet Nurses - Vet Technicians

For Vet Nurses, CPIT in Christchurch, Otago Polytechnic, and Unitec offer courses.

Here's a list of schools in Canada to become a vet.

A complete guide to Vet schools around the world

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