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Take the Lead
Dog Training
1. Name: Rachel Butler Take The Lead
2. Company's name : Take the Lead Dog Training
3. Address: 19 Riverlea Road, Whenuapai, Auckland
4. Phone Number: 09 416 7500
4. Email Address: rachel.butler [AT]
5. Website:
6. How many dogs have you owned? Six
7. What breeds are you most familiar working with? Many pure and cross breeds
8. Qualifications: Attending a course in Certificate of Animal Management (Canine Behaviour and Training). (2011)
9. How many dogs have you trained? (approx.) Many...
10. How many years have you been in business? Since 2003
11. Referrals from veterinarian? Yes
12. What experiences do you have with dogs? (ie. obedience, agility, work at SPCA etc) I (Rachel Butler) have been involved in dogs and dog training for over 25 years, having assisted countless people and all varieties of dogs with basic to advanced obedience.

I am a life member of North Shore Dog Training Club, having held office as President, Secretary and Head Instructor at various times.

I continue to be an active member and volunteer instructor at this club. I am also a New Zealand Kennel Club qualified Assessor for the Canine Good Citizen scheme

Dog training, handling and understanding is an ongoing and developing skill.  I have attended seminars and workshops of internationally known dog behaviourists and trainers, such as Jan Fennell (UK), Brian McGovern (UK) and Ian Dunbar (USA).

I continue to broaden and enhance my practical experience and knowledge by attending a full time, one year Unitech course in Certificate of Animal Management (Canine Behaviour and Training).

My personal dog training achievements encompass a wide variety of obedience-related activities (obedience, tracking trials, agility, flygility, heelwork to music).

I have qualified my dogs in a number of New Zealand Kennel Club recognised titles.

I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you.
13. What are your favourite dog books?

Problem Dog by Valerie O'Farrell (out of print)

The Dog Listener: Learning the Language of Your Best Friend  

Don't Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training  

Why Does My Dog...?  

The Dog's Mind  


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