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OK K9s Dog Training
1. Name: Rebecca Roper Ok K9 Dog Training
2. Company's name : OK K9s Dog Training
“Here to help you and your dog have a happy relationship”
3. Address: Kapiro Rd, Kerikeri
4. Phone Number: 09-407-9504
4. Email Address: info [AT]
5. Website:
6. How many dogs have you "owned"? 4
7. What breeds are you most familiar working with? I've worked with most breeds.
8. Do you have any formal dog training qualification? What are they? If not, why do you feel that you are a competent dog trainer? I've attended numerous seminars, conferences and workshops on dog training and dog behaviour and continue to do so. I have been running dog and puppy classes for over 10 years and one on one training for 6 years.  My client feedback is positive.  Many clients are referrals from past or current students or even repeat clients with new dogs.
9. How many dogs have you trained? (approx.) over 800
10. How many years have you been in business? Since 2002
11. Do you work closely with a veterinarian and get referrals from them? Yes
12. What experiences do you have with dogs? (ie. obedience, agility, work at SPCA etc) I've competed in Agility since 2000, Flygility since 2009.  I assist the local SPCA with training and dog assessments.  I've also run several workshops for dog owners and dog trainers.
13. What are your favourite dog books? Reaching the animal mind-Karen Pryor, Other end of the leash-Patricia McConnell, Shaping Success-Susan Garrett
14. Is there anything else we should know about you and your dog training business? I am a Full Member of the APDTNZ and believe in positive reinforcment dog training.

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