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Dogs Best Friend

1. Name: Selina McIntyre Dogs Best Friend
2. Company's name :

Dogs Best Friend

Qualified Dog Behaviourist providing practical, positive and natural solutions to the problems you are having with your dogs behaviour

3. Address: Waikato
4. Phone Number: 021 353 669
4. Email Address:
5. Website: and
6. How many dogs have you "owned"? 2
7. What breeds are you most familiar working with?  I have helped a great variety of breeds over the years.
8. Do you have any formal dog training qualification? What are they? If not, why do you feel that you are a competent dog trainer? I have a Bachelor of Applied Animal Technology and as part of this, I studied Animal Behaviour and specifically Canine Behaviour.
9. How many dogs have you trained? (approx.) 100's
10. How many years have you been in business? Since 2004
11. Do you work closely with a veterinarian and get referrals from them? Yes
12. What experiences do you have with dogs? (ie. obedience, agility, work at SPCA etc) Whilst studying towards my degree I had a dog walking business and boarding kennel employment. Also I have been a volunteer at the Auckland S.P.C.A., Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind - Guide Dog Division and Waitakere Animal Welfare.
13. What are your favourite dog books? Anything by Dr Bruce Fogel
The Dog Listener, Jan Fennell
14. Is there anything else we should know about you and your dog training business?

Along with my family, dogs are my passion.

Learn the right signals, speak dog.

I provide practical, positive and natural solutions to the issues you are having with your dog’s behaviour.

I use only positive training methods. No ‘Alpha Rolling’ techniques (forcibly rolling your dog onto it’s back), choker chains, shock or spray collars.

I approach the problem you are having with your dog’s behaviours from your dog’s perspective, explaining to you what is really going on. With this insight, you can then undertake a personalized Behavioural Modification Plan written for you (and demonstrated), towards a happy, content canine family member and usually a calmer human family also ;-)

  Dogs Best Friend

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