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dog fixer services ltd
1. Name Craig Peryer The Dog Fixer

2. Company's name :

 dog fixer services ltd
3. Address:  30217 Lower Hutt
4. Phone Number: 0274507833
4. Email Address: craig [AT]
5. Website:
6. How many dogs have you "owned"? Many (currently have 5 in my pack)
7. What breeds are you most familiar working with? most breed types of all ages
8. Do you have any formal dog training qualification? What are they? If not, why do you feel that you are a competent dog trainer?

"I have worked extensively with working and sporting dogs growing up in rural NZ  has helped me amassed over 30 years of experience , and gained a comprehensive understanding of  dog pack dynamics and how they think and act.

This understanding and experience has allowed me to research & develop my own style of training based on the Dogs Owner addressing there dogs problems themselves by following My personalized 7 step training training program/plan, & expert advice People are able to work through any issues they may be experiencing with there dogs

9. How many dogs have you trained? (approx.) ...
10. How many years have you been in business? since 2004
11. Do you work closely with a veterinarian and get referrals from them? I am In constant contact and receive referrals from  Veterinarians , Pet Shops , Groomers , Dog Day Cares, Kennels / Home Stays  &  District Councils in the Wellington area
12. What experiences do you have with dogs? (ie. obedience, agility, work at SPCA etc) I am actively involved in Volunteer & Charity work in the wider community , dog visits to retirement homes & hospitals , Giving talks in Schools and work In the National Kiwi recovery program.when not helping people to help there dogs I find time to enjoy & work with my own dogs in field trialing and Sporting pursuits
13. What are your favourite dog books?

I am currently researching and writing my own book , as i am finding that a lot of the books available are not generic to all breeds , some people get confused with to much information.

Dog training is easy, simple and fun sticking to key points and practices you will  get better results faster by working with your dog, not against your dog.

14. Is there anything else we should know about you and your dog training business? "it all begins with you" & "Helping People To Help There Dogs Through Understanding , Education and Training" are my Key remarks , because it is all about you working with your dog to address any issues or problems you are experiencing....

"dogs walk to save kiwi" charity dog walk

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