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NZ Dog Trainer Registration Form

Background information: Doglinks receives around 12 000 hits a month in which around 700 page views are directed to the Dog Trainer's page. We are #1 in, when 'dog' is the keyword, and #3 in when 'dog problem' keywords are used. We're extremely proud of our achievements. This comes with hard work keeping our information relevant.

Benefits with listing on doglinks:

Get contacted by the media -- We have had one dog trainer get a book publisher contact him through doglinks

Get found quickly -- Be where the dog trainers can be found quickly. Yes, of course you can be found in the yellow pages.. besides the other 89 'supposed' dog trainers. I didn't know that vets where considered dog trainers!

Receive your unique page - Your individual page on doglinks has individual keywords, description and your labeled (alt) logo. Your page with us will be found by search engines and of course, readers can find you through our 'front door'.

Link to your website - People can learn more about you through your website.

No website needed - if you don't have to have a website, your details, and description is on the internet. No monthly service fee, no webmaster fee. When you do eventually get a website, we'll link it.

$85 per year from August 1, 2014 to Aug 1, 2015-- includes: Logo, linked website address, description, 2 pictures and your page on doglinks
$60 per half year February 1, 2014 to August 1, 2014

Please note: A registration fee of $10 needs to be paid in advance. Details on how to do so will be sent to you after you submit your details below.

1. Name of business: *
2. Your name: *
3. Address: *
4. City: *
E-mail Address: *
5. Phone number: *
6. Name of Website: *
7. How many dogs have you owned? *
8. How many dogs have you trained? (approx.) *
9. How many years in business? *
10. Do you have a veterinarian that you work with and get referrals from ? *
11. Do you have any formal dog training qualification? What are they? If not, why do you feel that you are a competent dog trainer? *
12. What breeds are you most familiar working with? *
13. What are your favourite dog books? *
14. What experiences do you have with dogs? (ie. obedience, trials, work at SPCA etc) *
15. Other comments:
16. How will you promote doglinks to your clients? *
Would you like to receive our bi-monthly newsletter? Yes
Attach a File:

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When you submit the form, you should receive an automatic email explaining how and where to pay. If you don't receive this email, please check your spam box, and if that doesn't work, just email us!


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