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Advertising Fees

Why list with doglinks?

How popular are we? We receive around 12,100 visits a month, and 21,700 pageviews a month or up to 700 pageviews a day. These statistics are quite consistent over the year.

How do we get found? 78% search engines, 10% referring sites, 12% direct traffic.

Placing text ads with doglinks -- Breeder's and NZ Dog trainers excl. (see below)

A reciprocal link back to doglinks is required. It HAS to be in a prominent area of your website. Ask us if you are unsure what this means.

Instructions on linking back to us (It will open in another window) If you don't link back to us and you have requested a link, you may not be in our priority queue when we answer our our emails.


No link to Doglinks-- For a text ad on the page which suits your subject includes a hyperlink to your site, contact details if required.

Placing logos with doglinks
728 X 90
Price Type of Page Placement on the page
$75/month Front page Top of the page between the menu and the columns
Example page
$50/ month Front page Middle of the page- Between the columns and 'Dog'-cast for your walking pleasure".
$50 / month Any page
(exclude front page)
Top of the page between the menu and the columns

200 X 140
Type of Page
Placement on the page
$25/month (minimum 3 months) Front page On the left hand column
$15 / month
(minimum 6 months)
Any page
(exclude front page)
In any column
Kennel Listing on the Breeder's page

To qualify for a free listing, you need to link back to Doglinks.co.nz on your website. This link needs to be in a prominent place. If you are unsure, pls ask.
Find our logo and description here (it will open in another window)

A free listing includes: name of kennel, description, contact details (phone and email address). -- note: there is no hyperlink your website with this listing.

If you want your website details included, you will need to upgrade your listing to a fee paying listing. See below.

$65/yr Includes:
1) Name of kennel,
2) Description,
3) Contact details -- phone, email website linked



1) Name of kennel,
2) Description,
3) Contact details -- phone, email website linked
4) Logo

100 X 70


New Zealand Dog Trainers


+ $10
one time registration fee.



Renewal is August 1st of each year.

1) A unique doglinks webpage
2) Email linked
3) Website linked from NZ Trainer's page includes a small 100X70
and large logo 200X200 on your webpage on Doglinks

4) An extra picture on your doglinks webpage.
This can be a picture of you, of you/dog, etc

Check NZ Dog Trainer page for examples

100 X 70

Payment Options

There are several ways of paying for advertisement:

1) Bank transfer

Bank Name: ASB
Account name: Doglinks
Account Number: 12-3240-0100389 -50

When you transfer money to our account, please add your name in the "description" so that we know who paid us!

2) Payment by cheque.-- if you wish to pay by cheque, we will send you our details.

3) Visa payment through PayPal. -- we will email you an invoice via Paypay if you wish to pay by this method.

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