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Paws for thoughts....
Lunch time activities for kids to learn
more about D-O-G-S ! Woof!!
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Questions Find the answers more questions and answers What you need to do for your project

Breeds- type of dog

What breed should you get?

Choosing a Pet
Is a dog right for you?

Take the breed selector

How to Select Dog Breeds

"What is the right dog for me and my family?

What would be the perfect breed?"

Some great questions to ask yourself before getting a pet.

What kind of dog would you get, and say why you would get it. Send a small picture too.

(example: small house, hunting skills, want to do agility, lazy person for a lazy dog, time for lots of walks, rabbit hunting skills, etc)

Are you a responsible
dog owner?

Take the The Responsible Pet Quiz

Click on Pet Needs

Is This the Best Time To Adopt A Pet?

Pets add fun, companionship and love to our lives, but they're also a big responsibility.

Rank the 6 most important things that you think makes a great pet owner.

Why did you rank them the way you did?

So, how much does it cost to keep a dog?

Find out how much a dog eats?

Shop Online in New Zealand

IQ Dog Toys, Pet Post, Cyberpets

Make a list on the cost of keeping and caring for a dog.

Example: a bowl, food, toys, collars, ....


How to teach a dog old tricks, and new dog tricks?


Lots of ideas for you and your dog.


Tell us how you trained your dog to do something... Write a step-by-step guide.

For example, how do you train a dog to roll-over? to sit? to come when called? to stop digging in the garden?

Fun things you can do with your dog!

12 General Rules for Training Dogs Rules You Should Know

Some training rules

Matty's Training Tips

Some question and answer to some dog training issues.

Play Go Fetch, and see if you learned what Matty said in the Q and A section. It's sort of like a quiz section.

What are some things you need to remember when you train a dog?

Name 8, and explain what you mean, or give examples.

How to stay safe arounds dogs?

The Do's & Don'ts on being safe around dogs and what responsible dog ownership is all about.

15 Do's and Don'ts for Children and Dogs
Written by: Victoria Stilwell



Make a poster on paper or on the computer to tell kids how to be safe around dogs.

Make it on an A4 page so that it can be scanned on placed on a website

How to read a dog's body language?

Video on You Tube

Zoom Room Guide to Dog Body Language A brief visual guide, created by the Zoom Room, to better understand the body language of dogs. Facial expressions and posture are examined both

A Study in Canine Body Language & Play Slow-motion video of dogs at play, showing good use of calming signals and other play-nice strategies.



Talking Dog: Body Language Understand what dogs are "saying"

Take the "body language" quiz


Observe two off-lead dogs when they first met. These dogs should not know each other.

How do their ears look, their body posture, eye contact...? Observe how they communication.

Write your report

Remember: Go with an adult to watch the dogs interact OR watch some on YouTube


Take the animal quiz at the RSPCA in Australia.

Kids, Animals and Fun have painting, puzzles and fetch activities online.


Wolves and Dogs: Fact and Fiction Think you know where dogs came from? How much they have in common with their ancestors? Or what they're really trying to tell you when they bark? Take this quiz and find out.


So You Say You Want to Become a Veterinarian ...Here's How

Here's some information on what it really takes, and some helpful hints on how to determine if this is really what you want. And if you decide it is, I've included some tips on how to get there.


Check out the
Animal Cams

How smart is your dog? Take the hands-on quiz.
And there are videos

Are you Talking to Me
The very interesting transcript about dog and cat language

Name the dog's breed? ...


Dog in a Guitar Case


boston terrier

Need help naming the breeds??
Check around the doglinks site
yellow labrador
german shepard
bishon frise
great dane
sheep dog

Have you seen this movie?

Beagle video

Dogs at Work!

Email me a picture to put in here

Seeeee... dogs can read!



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To be most effective when training and communicating with your dog, your expression, eyes and tone of voice all must say the same thing. You need to use different expressions and tones for different situations and keep those signals consistent. When you tell your dog to do something, use a low-toned, firm, matter of fact voice.

"Barney, sit!"
Your facial expression should be neutral, neither smiling nor frowning, you should be standing up straight and your eyes should say "Do it!" This is as clear to the dog as it gets - he sees that you expect him to do as he's told and if he understands the command, he will do it.Vicki DeGruy

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