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How to Calm a Pet's Fear of Visiting the Veterinarian

A fearful or aggressive pet is difficult for veterinary staff to examine. If your dog really doesn't like the vet, you need to get him/her acquainted with that environment.

How? Visit the vets with your dog once a week or until your dog wags his tail:)

Remember to bring loads of treats and have the staff give them to your dog. The more fun your dog has, and the more your dog associates vet = treats, the more she'll love going.

If you don't success, that's okay. Do it gradually. One thing you can do is play with your dog on the front lawn to make him comfortable with it. Then another day, do the same thing but closer to the front door, then progress to standing in the front lobby and visiting with the staff.

4) Give treats for calm behaviour. And you can also dog T Touch... dog massage.

5) Attempt to get your pet acquainted with a single staff member.





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