Dog Food

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Find out how much food a particular breed should eat. Be sure to include both dry and canned food.

Shop at your local grocery store.

Use this to help you decide the amount of food necessary

  Canned food Dry food
a) Recommended Daily Amount _______________ _______________
b) Number of daily servings in each container of food _______________ _______________
c) Cost of each container of food _______________ _______________

Now compute the cost per daily serving. Divide item c) by item b)

d) Cost per daily serving for canned food _______________
e) Cost per daily serving for dry food _______________

Now compute the daily cost for the food you selected. Add item d) to item e)

f) Total cost per day _______________

Now compute annual cost for the food you selected. Multiply item f) by 365

g) Annual cost per day _______________

Please note:

These calculation can be done in a spreadsheet if you know the formulas. If you don't know how to do them, use a calculator or mental maths.

Now, go to Food Calculator and see if your numbers match up with theirs

Countrypet.com is a site that has the measurements of portion to feed your dog. Now you have to figure out how much this dog roll costs!

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